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Ayatollah al-Ya’qoubi:‎
A senior Iraqi source of emulation said, “Keeping Husayn i rituals alive is one of the ‎greatest religious practices and therefore, mourning must be done even at home in ‎accordance with health issues.”‎
News ID: 450618    Publish Date : 2020/08/13

Ayatollah Tahriri:‎
The head of Tehran’s Marvi Seminary explained the greatness of Arafah and the importance ‎of using this capacity, considered the creation of distance between the believers and the ‎humanizing resources as one of the tricks of the enemies.‎
News ID: 450542    Publish Date : 2020/07/31

Muslim ibn Aqil ibn Abi Talib was the cousin of Imam al- Husayn and his representative in ‎Kufah.
News ID: 450541    Publish Date : 2020/07/30

Hujjat al-Islam Ansarian:‎
Referring to Ayatollah Khamenei’s concern about Muharram mourning gatherings, the ‎prominent teacher in the Islamic Seminaries of Qom said, “I’m aware that he said that ‎despite the current situation this year, we must hold the Muharram mourning gatherings as ‎passionately as possible by observing the necessary protocols.”‎
News ID: 450521    Publish Date : 2020/07/26

MWM will observe martyrdom anniversary of Allamah Arif Husayn al- Husayn i on August 5 ‎across Pakistan. Allamah Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari made this announcement, while addressing ‎a press conference in Islamabad.‎
News ID: 450515    Publish Date : 2020/07/24

World Quran Day, a campaign initiated by the Astan of the Holy Shrine of ‎Imam al- Husayn in Iraq, is aimed at promoting the teachings of the Quran and ‎contemplating the Holy Book.‎
News ID: 450076    Publish Date : 2020/05/03

The Quran House of the Holy Shrine of Imam al- Husayn has launched the ‎Ramadhan Quran session at Lady Zaynab Holy Shrine in Damascus, Syria.‎
News ID: 450062    Publish Date : 2020/05/01

General Qasem Soleimani: “One of the holiest Generals that mankind has ever witnessed” | Shaykh Farukh Sekaleshfar Living in the West? In light of recent events, this episode of REFLECT explores some of the esoteric, secret dimensions of the concept of martyrdom in the modern world. Islam has survived because of our firm grip on the past (Imam Husayn [A]) and our hopes for the future (Imam Mahdi [A]). Today, the Great Satan America is confronting the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Resistance Axis. We are giving many martyrs in the cause of Islam. What does this mean for us, living in other parts of the world? On what moral grounds can it be justified to live under governments which are committing such heinous acts of aggression against Muslims and martyring the saints and soldiers of the movement of Imam Mahdi (A)? Shaykh Farukh Sekaleshfar provides deep spiritual food for thought, especially for Muslims living in the West, regarding the martyrdom of General Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis. These noble and heroic personalities were murdered by the cowardly American regime, which is the Pharaoh & the Yazid of today.
News ID: 448658    Publish Date : 2020/01/26

Qom Friday Prayer Leader:‎
Ayatollah Sa’idi said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly warned Saudi Arabia ‎not to fall into the trap of the Great Satan and the Saudis must abandon their ignorant, ‎hostile, divisive and arrogant stances and support of Takfiri terrorists.”‎
News ID: 447503    Publish Date : 2019/10/19

Ayatollah Arafi:‎
The director of the Islamic Seminaries of Iran emphasized the that Arba’in has become a ‎form of moral, cultural and theological diplomacy and emphasized the need for clarification ‎of the principles and charter of this diplomacy.‎
News ID: 447248    Publish Date : 2019/09/24

If we recognize the heart-breaking loneliness of Imam Husayn (A) on the Day of Ashura, we would never compare our own loneliness to his and we would feel ashamed to call ourselves lonely when our Master was truly alone… Courtesy Islamic Pulse
News ID: 447238    Publish Date : 2019/09/22

Hujjat al-Islam Panahian:‎
The custodian of Dar al-Hikmah Seminary said that the Arba’in of Imam al- Husayn pilgrimage ‎‎is a link between Ashura and the reappearance of Imam al-Mahdi and stressed, “The Arba’in ‎‎pilgrimage reflects the difference between Islamic lifestyle and Western lifestyle.”‎
News ID: 447135    Publish Date : 2019/09/20

Hujjat al-Islam Ali al-Najafi:‎
The head of the office of Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi‏ ‏considered the revival of the Husayn i ‎rituals as obligatory and emphasized that the revival of the Husayn i rituals would lead to the ‎revival of religious rituals and strengthen the Islamic ummah.‎
News ID: 446938    Publish Date : 2019/09/10

One of the Iraqi scholars noted that the mourners of Imam al- Husayn must adhere to the ‎goals of the movement of Imam al- Husayn .‎
News ID: 446937    Publish Date : 2019/09/10

An army of tens of thousands had gathered under the banner of the wretched Yazid, son of Muawiyyah in order to annihilate Imam Husayn (A) and his few companions. Their intention was to murder the grandson of the Prophet and destroy Islam. Imam Husayn (A) and his comrades knew that they were facing certain death. Yet, one man from among the commanders of Yazid’s army paced between the army of Yazid and the camp of Imam Husayn (A). Hurr. He knew that abandoning Yazid’s forces and joining Imam Husayn ’s side would mean certain martyrdom. And yet, what did Hurr choose? Courtesy Islamic Pulse
News ID: 446935    Publish Date : 2019/09/08

An introduction by Sayyid Haydar Hasanayn regarding the way in which we mourn for Imam Husayn (A), the grandson of the Holy Prophet (S), who was martyred brutally in the battlefield of Karbala in 61AH. Each year in the month of Muharram, Muslims across the globe commemorate this tragic event by wearing black, by reciting elegies and poems and by weeping. How do we look at the movement of Imam Husayn (A)? Is it something which happened, and now we simply weep out of lamentation? ...Or is it something more than that? What is YOUR role in the story of Imam Husayn ? Courtesy Islamic Pulse
News ID: 446890    Publish Date : 2019/09/07

Tear-jerking, thought-provoking video about some of the amazing and unusual customs of the Shia Muslims (and many Sunnis too) - what do we do in this month? Why all the fuss? What makes Azadari so important? Why do we do it? What are all the efforts for? The Month of Muharram is a powerful and strange month where the believers gather to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (A). Br. Asad Jafri asks a pivotal question: what does Imam Husayn want from us? This month is an opportunity to reform ourselves and to make a promise to change. This month is a month of revolution. Courtesy Islamic Pulse
News ID: 446889    Publish Date : 2019/09/07

Sayyid Haydar Hasanayn delivers a heartbreaking poetic recounting of the martyrdom of Muslim Ibn Aqeel, the messenger of Imam Husayn (A) who was sent to gain the support of the treacherous people of Kufa. Their betrayal of Muslim Ibn Aqeel and their failure to support the Imam of their time led to the massacre of Imam Husayn (A) and his family on the day of Ashura in Karbala. Every year, Muslims across the globe mourn Imam Husayn (A) and renew their faith in Allah and his Messenger (S). This series is based on the authentic historical accounts of the tragedy of Karbala according to the Maqtals of Imam Husayn (A) and Lahoof. Courtesy Islamic Pulse
News ID: 446879    Publish Date : 2019/09/06

Assistant Director of Edification and Education in the Islamic Seminaries‏:‏
Hujjat al-Islam Maleki referred to the event of Karbala as an extract of all of history and ‎emphasized, “In every age and time, our mission must be to assist in the victory of Front of ‎Truth.” ‎
News ID: 446876    Publish Date : 2019/09/06

Director of the Women’s Seminaries of Iran:‎
Hujjat al-Islam Bahjatpour emphasized that the effect of forbidden food is a very serious ‎and important issue.‎
News ID: 446874    Publish Date : 2019/09/06