11 August 2020 - 12:09
News ID: 450611
IRGC Deputy Commander:
Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Deputy Commander for Political Affairs Brigadier General Yadollah Javani said his country doesn't care for possible differences between the Democrats and Republicans in the US since both a similar hostile policy towards Iran.

Rasa - The idea to pin some hope on a democrat administration is a waste "since the Democrats and Republicans both believe that Iran’s move should be stopped through pressure and negotiations,” General Javani told FNA on Monday.

He referred to the US attempts to approve a resolution at the UN Security Council to extend arms embargos against Iran are most likely destined to failure, saying that the US has slim chances.

Meantime, General Javani underlined that Iran has gained self-sufficiency in production of different weapons and military equipment despite being sanctioned for over 40 years, adding that embargoes cannot prevent the country’s military progress and access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Asked about Washington’s harassment of an Iranian passenger plane over Syria’s airspace last month, he said that it was a reaction to the recent important military agreement between Tehran and Damascus.

“The Americans adopted the measure to display that they are present there (in Syria) and inspire us with the notion that we cannot even have security in the air (in Syria),” General Javani said.

Late month, two US fighter jets approached a Mahan Air Tehran-Beirut flight over the Syrian sky in a highly risky move and the captain of the Iranian passenger plane was forced to make a sudden change of direction and altitude, causing several injuries.

The captain of Mahan Air Flight No. 1152 later said the pilots of the two hostile planes have identified themselves as US army pilots during a radio contact.

A video posted by a reporter of Iran's state-run TV who was aboard the plane showed an F-15 fighter jet from the window of the plane and comments from a passenger who had blood on his face.

In a later interview from Beirut, the reporter said three passengers have been wounded during "the US planes' intentional move".

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