About Us

About Us

In 2003, a group of scholars and researchers from the Islamic Seminary of Qom established a news site with the aim of establishing a better communication between society and the Islamic Seminaries.

In 2007, with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, “Rasa News Site” was renamed to “Rasa News Agency.”

From that year to today, Rasa News Agency has been able to play a leading role in the field of spreading information about the Islamic Seminaries, the scholars, academics and researchers of the Shi’ah world.

The media productions of “Rasa News Agency” are published in four languages: Persian, English, Arabic and Urdu.

Mission of the Institute

Rasa News Agency is a seminary institution dedicated to promoting the discourse of the Islamic Revolution and the establishment of approximation between the Islamic Seminaries and the Islamic system of government.

The media, seminaries and scholars, seminary institutions, officials of the system of government and interested members of the public are the audience of our intellectual and cultural product.

Rasa News Agency makes use of the modern media technologies and protects the trust of its audience.

The virtuous seminarians and experts in the field of media are the most important organizational capital and protectors of our mission.

The Rasa Institute’s Outlook for the Year 2029

- By relying on eternal divine power and intercession to Imam al-Mahdi (aj) and on the path to the realization of the aspirations of the late Imam Khomeini the Islamic Revolution and the thoughts and demands of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, and the great sources of emulation of the Islamic Seminaries and in the light of planned organizational efforts, in its ten year vision, Rasa the Institute seeks:

- To be the media of the sources of emulation and trusted media of the Islamic Seminaries of the Shi’ah world and a discourse maker in strengthening the movement of jurisprudence and effective Islamic sciences.

- The Rasa Institute is capable of innovation, commitment and expertise and has honest, knowledge-based and creative staff.

- Promoting pure Muhammadan Islam, supporting the Islamic Revolution and the principle of Wilayat al-Faqih (Guardianship of the Jurisprudent) are its fundamental values.

- Rasa News Agency, with the development of elites of the Islamic Seminary contributes effectively to the realization of modern Islamic civilization.

The slogan of Rasa News Agency

“We are the clear voice of the Islamic Seminary.”

Ethical charter of Rasa News Agency

- The ethical charter of Rasa News Agency, which aims to deepen Islamic values in the media environment of the Islamic Republic, includes the following five principles of governance and jurisprudence:

  1. Justice
  2. Truth (upright words(
  3. Lawmaking
  4. Responsibility
  5. Inviolability‏

Rasa News Agency requires itself to:

- Strive in pursuit of the fundamental values of independence, freedom and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

- Take advantage of all the capacities set forth in the Constitution and other laws in regard to the freedom of information and work to maintain the independence of the media.

 - To pursue the realization of social justice in the field of the dissemination of information.

- Establish the command of “Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Wrong” as the model of their actions.

- Protect the field of criticism and oversight in an effective and efficient manner by respecting national interests.

- By confronting the cultural domination by the enemies, strive to maintain peace and international and national security.

- Be responsible for public, national and spiritual capital.

- Prevent despair, the spread of indecency and the promotion of innovation and advancement in society.

- Avoid sabotage and destructive competition among news organizations and pursue constructive interaction and cooperation.

- Avoid plagiarizing, distorting texts and documents and eliminating essential information about events and distorting material.

- Be loyal to ethical and professional standards in collecting and publishing news (such as mentioning the source

- Being attentive to the security of the treasury and to be sensitive to the loss of capital.

- Provide media coverage of the Islamic Republic in the Soft War.

- Avoiding the acceptance of unconventional material gifts and rewards that are in general contrary to the law, shari’ah and the public interest and to fight plagiarism and blackmail in the media.

- Engage with colleagues in accordance with the principles of Islamic law and ethics and promote the spirit of hope, perseverance, brotherhood and trust.

- As much as possible, making use of business standards for media professionals, including welfare measures, insurance coverage, job security and providing for the future of the family, providing protection against undue pressure, ensuring appropriate wages and appropriate training.

- Provide the necessary conditions for the growth and prosperity of all factors in the field of news and help to foster intellectual and artistic creativity through continuous training.

- Avoid the publication of information that contains lies, rumours, slander, insults, backbiting, vilification, ridicule, defamation, disclosure of secrets and harm to others.

- Publish accurate, accurate, fair and logical interpretations.

- Strengthening the religious and political insights of the people by creating awareness.

- Avoid the violation of the rights of individuals, the violation of privacy and family disputes.

- Have a receptive ear to the reaction of those who create negative stories and in the event of an error, strive quickly to resolve it.

- Seriously pursue the legitimate demands and logical needs of the audience.

Concessionaire: Rasa News Agency

Managing Director: Mohammad-Mahdi Mohagheghi

Media Context: Political, Cultural, Seminary

Media Trend: General

Address: Qom, Sadoughi Boulevard, Behesht Street, After the Municipal Building, Rasa News Agency Office

Postal code: 3716963426

Email: english@rasanews.ir

Phone: +98 253-774-8301