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Revolutionary spoken word from a sister, accompanied with thought-provoking graphics. Imam Khamenei has said: “' Death to America' means ' Death to Trump, John Bolton and Pompeo.'” People globally are burning the American flag, calling out for an end to the global tyranny and pointing the finger of blame and shame at the vile American regime. The slogan which unites us all is “ Death To America”. Islamic Pulse
News ID: 450407    Publish Date : 2020/07/11

Ayatollah Khamenei: ‎
In his memoirs, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution explained how those near the ‎late founder of Iran’s Islamic Revolution realized that he had stomach cancer. ‎
News ID: 450205    Publish Date : 2020/05/28

Ayatollah Ebrahim Amini passed away on the evening of Friday, April 26, 2020, the first night ‎of the holy month of Ramadan, at Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Qom.‎
News ID: 450029    Publish Date : 2020/04/25

The number of deaths from coronavirus outbreak in the United States has climbed to 19, nearly all of them in Washington State, as US hospitals are preparing for the worst as officials project a scenario involving approximately 100 million Americans infected with the disease.
News ID: 449491    Publish Date : 2020/03/09

Ayatollah Nourollah Tabarsi passed away today after suffering a period of illness.
News ID: 448919    Publish Date : 2020/02/09

Ayatollah Safi-Golpaygani:
In a message of condolences on the passing of Allamah Sayyid Ja’far Murtadha al-Amili, ‎Ayatollah Safi-Golpaygani emphasized that the late scholar led a blessed life in defence of ‎the luminous teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt.‎
News ID: 447585    Publish Date : 2019/10/28

Allamah Sayyid Ja’far Murtadha al-‘Amili a religious scholar, an expert in the history of ‎Islam and Shi’ism, a Shi’ah biographer, and a scholar of the Islamic seminary of Qom and ‎Najaf passed away at the age 75 in the capital Beirut.‎
News ID: 447584    Publish Date : 2019/10/28

Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Hoseyni-Shahroudi has passed away at the age 94 in Tehran, Iran.‎
News ID: 445893    Publish Date : 2019/07/08

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has derided US President Donald Trump for claiming that the Iranian people have not been chanting ‘ Death to America’ since he came into office.
News ID: 445686    Publish Date : 2019/06/28

An 18-year-old boy who was arrested at age 13 for taking part in an anti-government protest in Saudi Arabia now reportedly faces the death penalty after being held for years in pre-trial detention.
News ID: 445305    Publish Date : 2019/06/09

Ayatollah Gharavi:‎
Rasa – A member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom said that if Ayatollah ‎Hashemi-Shahroudi felt that he must accept responsibility to serve the people, he would not ‎evade it.‎
News ID: 442639    Publish Date : 2018/12/26