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More significance is attached to Hijab by enemy than us/Clerics are passive concerning Hijab (Part 1)
A researcher in the field of modesty and Hijab, saying that Hijab is the symbol of the Islamic civilization in the face of the Western culture, maintained, “Much more significance is attached to the issue of Hijab by the enemy than us, and it has invested on this point.

RNA - Mrs. Naima Islmloo, a researcher in the field of modesty and Hijab, and the chairwoman of Khaybar nongovernmental Institute, through a talk on the issue of Hijab and its impairment in the country, said, “The topic of modesty and Hijab isn’t as shallow as it is generally considered. It refers to the natural importance of the man’s coverage and his/her lust, two factors that impact how the individual and social identity of the man is built and the public behaviour is managed.”

She added, “The said importance is discussable both religiously in terms of modesty and faith and non-religiously in terms of its impacts on the individual, social and familial corruption.”


Hijab is the symbol of Islam against the Western culture

Pointing to the international dimensions of Hijab, Ms Islamloo expressed, “Hijab is regarded as the symbol of Islam when it confronts the Western culture; it deals with the roots of the Western culture, and as the Western culture has based its values on the pleasure and lust, HIjab is deemed to be a symbol of Islam upon the societal and individual confrontation with intellectual foundations of the said culture.”

The researcher and activist of the field of modesty and HIjab then explained, “On the one hand, Hijab is the symbol reflecting the efficiency of the religious government within the Islamic republic. Hijab is the type of social coverage/clothing in our society [the only religious government in the world implementing the Heavenly orders] and acts as the chief distinguishing index (criteria). Indeed, in Iran Hijab is not the outcome of a fortuitous process, yet it is the fruit of a highly accurate prearranged program and a principal target of the enemy; nonetheless, it is sometimes forgotten or neglected by the governmental officials.


Much more significance is attached to the issue of Hijab by the enemy than us.

She went on, “We well know that how much the international dimension of the issue of modesty and Hijab is deemed as important by the enemies. More than us, the enemy deals diligently with the issue of Hijab; and despite the fact they have invested on Hijab and modesty, no endeavours has properly been made on our side in this regard since the victory of the Islamic Revolution.”

Islamloo reiterated, “Some people raise the doubt that whether is the legally obligatory Hijab appropriate or not? Ok! At this point, it is necessary to note that the enforcement of Hijab is the right/task belonging both to the Islamic government and the Muslim and original people of this country so that they enjoy a morally secure society following a long while deprived of it.”

Then she explicated, “If the Islamic government wasn’t to execute the Islamic rules and orders, so why has it been established? The Islamic government is formed in order to establish Islam within the society; as the individual rules were possible to be executed in the absence of such a government, yet, possibly with more difficulties and obstacles. The Islamic government naturally is known as the executor of the social rules, and Hijab makes a chief part of the said rules. Here it is noteworthy that the enforcement of Hijab was a basic motivation and reason behind the revolution of the Iranian people, and the fight of their youth in the battlefield.”

The researcher of the field of modesty and Hijab said, “Religiously, Hijab is a rule/order present in and stressed by different religions; morally, it is also highly significant provided that the moral security is concerned; furthermore, it is socially vital if the social health and security is considered; and legally and politically it is also of importance, as in a Muslim majority country, the establishment of Islam was the main purpose followed through the revolution, and thus, Hijab is a popular demand to the Islamic government.”

Delving into the issue of Hijablessness (wearing no veil) or Mal-Hijab (improper or deficient Hijab) , she said, “Suppose a rectangle, a side of which is enemy’s long-term plans for developing the culture of immodesty; because Hijab is the symbol of the power of the Islamic government, it is targeted by the enemies to stand against the Islamic government. But, in such a situation, some people ask why are you solely concerned with some hairs of women putting other issues aside? Accordingly, it goes far beyond what is commonly considered by the public.”

To be continued

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