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The gender-related differences, like other differences of the creatures, are evidence of having different positions; God has created two creatures with two different attributes, and due to their competences, they have a separate share of the wisdoms.

RNA - God, the Almighty, has created the world wisely, and the whole world and the creatures in the world have been created based on His own specific purpose and intention. If we consider what is created by God one by one, each, as a piece of the puzzle of existence, performs its own role, and has its own specific purpose, philosophy and nature; it is performing a part of the plan wisely prepared by the Sublime for the world; it works like a computer in which, each part, for example, hard, power, CPU has its own specific purpose and function; however they, as a whole, and with unity, are to perform a single function and fulfil a single purpose.

Though the whole world is created with a single purpose, the said rule also applies to the world encompassing the creatures; each creature, different from others, has its own specific part, position and role. There are different philosophies behind the creation of different creatures, and if this order is disturbed, the order of the whole world will be upset. Therefore, such differences show that the philosophies behind the creation of the creatures are different. If each piece of the puzzle of the world assess itself due to its differences with others, and based on its own competences and attributes, and not relying on false comparisons, it can attain growth and development and complete the puzzle.

The man dominates all the creatures created by God, s/he is the axis of the world of existence. The man is appointed to the main part in the world, and interestingly, the men have their own share and right of the world based on their differences with others.


The gender-related differences of the man and woman in terms of role and position

The issue of “gender” is highly significant. Female and male genders are two sexes created by God, as other creatures are gendered. Therefore, based on gender-related differences, man and woman have two different parts and positions; each has its own share of the world, and there is a different philosophy behind the creation of each group, they should perform different functions though they both are to worship God and attain perfection and knowledge about Heavenly wisdom. Different worlds and philosophies belong to men and women, and if they are misinterpreted, neither the man nor the woman can attain the final purpose determined for them. Therefore the different philosophy behind the creation of each gender should be explored, and the manner and lifestyle of each group should be defined specifically due to its own philosophy and characteristics. It will insure each group against dualism, absurdity and identity crisis, and lets each group follow the specific purpose behind its own creation.

However, when the body, soul and nature of the men are separately analysed, it is observed that the softness, kindness and passiveness of the woman, her stability (like what occurs in many social activities), along with her calmness and tranquillity of the soul provide the man with tranquillity and peace.

Regarding the heavenly order and wisdom, it should be diligently attended that God never creates anything futilely, as it isn’t commensurate with his wisdom; accordingly two creatures (man and woman) aren’t created similarly for two similar positions and parts. As no two different creatures can be found in the world for a single position. Thereby, it should be mentioned that: The proponents of the (feminist) theory of the equality of the man and woman have much wrongly understood this logical-ideological principle! Moreover, the said theory might have originated in their neglect of the philosophy behind the differences existing in the man and woman. Anyway, the idea of parallels between the man and woman is wrong; as the jurisprudential evidences on the issue of leadership and obedience verifies this claim.


Considering two genders of the humanity equal/parallel is a false reasoning.

Considering the humanity as an attribute equally shared by both man and woman, and magnifying the common features, some people highlight the common grounds between two genders and claim the equality of the man and woman, though it is a false reasoning. As what they rely on doesn’t apply to women and men, because they aren’t all the same; humanity encompasses gender, and there is a longitudinal and general relationship between “humanity” and “gender”. Therefore, the analysis of the final goal of the said longitudinal relationship shows that the parts of the man and woman are defined on two different poles; and humanity as the point shared by both poles is solely a basis defining the specific sphere of the secondary parts and philosophies, and not a basis for claiming the equality of the man and woman. Therefore, each gender is tasked to perform its own responsibility, specifically determined for that gender based on its competences and capabilities.

Two genders may have some common tasks and obligations, accordingly, it can be mentioned: Yes, both man and woman have been created to worship God; however, it ought to be examined that, “how should they perform this task?”, “and considering their capabilities, physical, spiritual, mental and behavioural world, and due to the causal order hidden within them, how should they perform their tasks?” As the causal order, using the aforesaid differences, links a special kind of body, soul, mind and behaviour to a gender, and then puts the right interests, gifts and capabilities next to each other within that gender; and if one attempts to enter the domain of the capabilities and competences of the other ignoring its own ones, this will provide the ground for absurdity caused by an internal dualism!

In other words, it can be said that God, the Almighty, inserted a part of its own soul into the man, and bestowed some of his own attributes upon the man so that the man could know God through knowing himself/herself. Regardless of the attributes solely belonging to God, those owned by human beings are shared both by men and women; for instance, Living, shared by both genders, Almighty and Magnificent, respectively bestowed upon the man and woman. Some attributes are bolder in a gender and weaker in the other; for example modesty is bolder in women. And some characteristics are only present in one gender, for example zeal/ardour, a characteristic solely belonging to men, and if it is attributed to women, it will be regarded a sort of heresy.

Therefore, many attributes of man and woman are different from each other, and it shows they aren't equal. If the said characteristics are exchanged between the man and woman, it will disturb the order of the world and prevents the genders from attaining perfection or complementing the other. It will cause mental dualism and generate identity crisis, and this type of disorder is solely apparent as no one is able to disturb the order hidden in the world of existence. Accordingly, it can be mentioned: Though both man and woman are human being, the humanity criteria owned by each gender are different from those of its counterpart. For instance, “zeal/ardour”, as the condition of humanity of the man, if attributed to woman, it will lead to her heresy and put her out of her humanity framework. Therefore, human beings can’t be equal, based on the fact that they are all human, and consequently, the claim on the equality of the branches of humanity (male and female) is wrong; as it can’t be claimed that the numbers “2” and “3” are equal as both are number. And the different worshipping tasks given to each gender, based on their characteristics and competences, is an evidence for what mentioned. Therefore, in order to attain perfection and Heavenly status, each gender should be in its own position and abstain from (misperceiving) every similarity, parallels and equality to other. Each gender should perform its own heavenly tasks with no competition with the other gender, it is supposed to prepare itself for complementing the other, and as a result, due to the parallels between the characteristics of the body and soul of each gender, created based on the order of the creation, attributing similarity of a gender to its opposite sex, and their mingling with each other, that is possible to impact one another, has been announced illicit and wrong.


Many attributes and roles of man and woman complement the other

Another note is the dimensions of this complementary role. An aspect of this role is its quantitative side. Some believe that although man and woman are different, they are equal! They interpret that if two opposite characteristics are present in the man and woman, these two characteristics are quantitatively equal, though qualitatively different. However it is not true, and man and woman are quantitatively different from each other. For example, men are holistic, yet women are details-oriented, and these two attributes are not quantitatively equal. Even such quantitatively differences are present within the Heavenly orders and rules, for example on the rules of “legacy” and “blood-money”

Parallels between the female and male attributes is another aspect of the aforesaid role. Some people regard the said complementary role as the similarity of the man and woman, reasoning that each attribute has been divided equally between the man and woman; however, it is a false reasoning indeed, as many complementary attributes in the man and woman are symmetrical, and this symmetry shows their dissimilarity, though the said dissimilarity is relative and not absolute. For instance, though modesty is shared both by the woman and the man, they are not similar in terms of having equal shares of this attribute, as the share of the woman is much bigger; yet the zeal/ardour of the man complements the female modesty, and despite their natural dissimilarity, these two attributes complement each other.

The authority and passivity of the woman are two other attributes making two genders act as complementary of each other, though they are symmetrical. If authority was shared by both genders, friction would occur between them, and whether they both were passive, they would be secluded; nonetheless, the authority of one against the passivity of the other allows them to play the part of complementary for the other, and to come to terms with each other. The big mistake made by the present human society, especially by the feminist ideology, is wrongly considering the passivity of the women as her seclusion, and to resolve this problem, they attempt to weaken the said passivity and instead, give her the male authority; consequently, this has generated many frictions and raised the number of the divorces across the whole world.

The belief in the causal order and wise Heavenly creation of the world prevents us from standing such deviant ideas, and lets us regard the Heavenly provided passivity of the woman as wise, and instead of lowering this attribute, it allows us to attempt to make this characteristic applicable so that the woman can perform the Heavenly defined part and acts successfully in her life; moreover, the passivity attribute is commensurate with her soft nature and insures her against dualism and identity crisis. And due to what mentioned, the woman has been appointed to the role of child treatment by Heaven so that she can defend her rights under/against the management of the man; if child-treatment is done through the female attributes like her passivity, she will play a highly fecund part and no longer she will step towards divorce; and besides, the Just God has removed divorce, an administrative issue, from her shoulders.

Yes, Islam has warned the human beings against involvement in the miscalculations currently done by the Western culture, as it has provided the humanity with the most effective ways. If we base our research on the so-called reliable but wrong feminist theories, either write for or against them, we won’t attain the truth. And eventually, through a sloganeering Islam, we have to review Quran, and have to replace their wrong rule/s with a Heavenly general rule note; as we have done so regarding the cases such as divorce and the condition of marriage contract, another big mistake of regarding the head and the subcategory as similar/same. However, provided that we rely our works on the principle of “the philosophy behind the creation of the woman”, and whether our faith in the truth of Heavenly demands is not impacted by the attacks made by the devils propagating for the feminism, the paths ending in perfection will applicably be opened upon us.


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