29 April 2019 - 22:48
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Hujjat al-Islam Muballeghi:
The representative of Lorestan province to the Assembly of Experts called for making and presentation of religious theories on the relations between the time, man and religion.

RNA - Hujjat al-Islam Ahmad Muballegi, in the gathering of the elite seminary students in Lebanon pointed out, “if such a theory is made diligently, and its outcome is employed as a standpoint for interpretation, certainly we can properly meet the needs of the contemporary man according to the developments of time”.

He added, “We don’t want the Islamic sciences for the knowledge themselves, but for attaining the religion, religious knowledge and transferring this knowledge to the society. The transfer of the religious knowledge to the society is done on two levels of promotion and explanation”.

He continued, “The explanation level is for the elite, scientific, cultural, academic and seminary groups, and the promotion is for higher and more specific layers”.

He mentioned, “The audience and people of the present time have different needs that the religion should meet them, and it is done when all the general and details are extracted”.

The chairman of parliament’s Research Centre said, “the training should fit the time that we live in. a problem we confront with is not dealing with the time in our thoughts, and it is neglected in making thoughts, knowledge and training”.

Hujjat al-Islam Muballeghi reiterated, “If the relation between time and the man is recognised correctly, and move towards religion using this knowledge, and know the relation of the religion and the said factor, we attain huge benefits in the area of understanding and introduction of the religion”.

He finally said, “If we don’t regard the time and the man simply and based on our habits, neglecting the complexities and the new needs, our reference to religion will be futile”.

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