18 April 2020 - 20:29
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A senior Iraqi scholar called on the people to assist the needy in the name of Imam al-Mahdi ‎in the midst of the spread of the Coronavirus.‎

RNA – In a statement, Ayatollah Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, a senior Iraqi scholar, said that ‎many generous believers are seeking to distribute food and financial assistance to needy and ‎disadvantaged families due the outbreak of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). ‎

He added, “This actions of these benevolent people is a very great human deed that God ‎Almighty will accept, as it is stated in Surah al-Kahf [The Cave], verse 30: ‘Indeed We do not ‎waste the reward of those who are good in deeds’ and in Surah al-Baqarah [The Heifer], verse 195: ‎‎‘Indeed, God loves the virtuous’ and also in Surah al-Araf [The Heights], verse 56: ‘Indeed God’s ‎mercy is close to the virtuous.’”‎

Ayatollah al-Yaqoubi stated that benevolent people and charitable organizations are working ‎under the names of the Shi’ah religious authorities [sources of emulation] and in line with the ‎call of these authorities to help the needy. If these actions are accomplished in line of ‎gaining nearness to God and in the holy name of Imam al-Mahdi, the rewards will be ‎greater.”‎

The Iraqi scholar added, “We ask God Almighty to guide us in fulfilling the needs of Imam al-‎Mahdi because without a doubt, trying to meet the needs of believers and lovers of the Ahl ‎al-Bayt is one of the examples of trying to meet their needs. It’s therefore considered that ‎because your actions must be with the intention of the Purified Imams, great care must be ‎taken.”‎

Today, Dr. Adham Ismail, the representative of the World Health Organization in Iraq, ‎praised the actions of the government of Iraq and the crisis headquarters’ decisions in ‎fighting the Coronavirus and stressed that the country has embarked on a courageous ‎program to fight the virus that is better and more effective than the actions of the United ‎States and European countries.‎

In addition to implementing various projects, including the suspension of administrative and ‎educational activities five weeks ago and implementing a plan to ban nationwide travel, Iraq ‎prevented the further spread of the Coronavirus in the country.‎

According to the latest figures from the Iraqi Ministry of Health, 1,482 people have tested ‎positive with the Coronavirus, 81 people have died and 906 have recovered.‎

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