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The Christian Broadcasting Network, an Evangelical news agency, has posted an article ‎claiming that an Israeli biotech company is testing a Coronavirus treatment which has had a ‎‎100% success rate.
News ID: 450005    Publish Date : 2020/04/19

Education Minister Mohsen Haji Mirzayee went to a high school of Armenian students in Tehran on Sunday to participate in the ceremonies of New Year on the Gregorian calendar along with compatriot Christian s.
News ID: 448202    Publish Date : 2019/12/30

The Iranian Foreign Minister extended his congratulations to his Christian counterparts and ‎others on the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ (PBUH), wishing a “joyous, peaceful holiday ‎season” for all Christian s.‎
News ID: 448097    Publish Date : 2019/12/25

Ayatollah Javadi in Meeting with Pr. Bartolomeo Pirone:‎
Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli referring to the killings during the two world wars said, “It has been ‎almost a century since the brutal killings that occurred during Word War I and II but what ‎benefits did the murderers, such as the United States, receive except for disgrace?”‎
News ID: 447904    Publish Date : 2019/12/10

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, otherwise known as MbS, has met with an influential pro-Israel delegation of American evangelical Christian s in Jeddah.
News ID: 447035    Publish Date : 2019/09/15

Egyptian Minister of Endowments:‎
Rasa – Shaykh Muhammad-Mukhtar Jumu’ah‎ referred to the role of the approximation of the ‎heavenly religions and emphasized that the constructive engagement of the heavenly ‎religions provides the arena for the preservation of mosques and churches.‎
News ID: 443550    Publish Date : 2019/02/19

An art exhibit in the Occupied Territories featuring a crucified Ronald McDonald has sparked protests by the Arab Christian minority.
News ID: 443030    Publish Date : 2019/01/16