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A group of foreign nationals located in Tehran, along with Iranians who used to live ‎abroad or even pay occasional visits to Iran, have gathered together to commemorate ‎martyrdom of Imam al-Husayn on the Day of Ashura.‎
News ID: 450621    Publish Date : 2020/08/15

“We have witnessed in the last forty years that the Islamic Revolution has grown from a green sapling into a mighty strong tree which no storm can ever uproot,” Sayyid Shahryar Naqvi said facing an assembly of international seminary students from more than a dozen countries, including those from the US, UK, Australia and Canada.
News ID: 449284    Publish Date : 2020/02/26

Ayatollah Tahriri:‎
The custodian of Tehran’s Marvi Seminary described the holding of gatherings in which those ‎personalities which are held in esteem by the Sunnis are cursed is an innovation of “ English ‎Shi’ahs” in order to lower the dignity of the Shi’ahs and to create enmity between Muslims.‎
News ID: 447612    Publish Date : 2019/11/09