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The US promised the ‘ American Dream’ to many following the end of World War II, yet, today, the story is very different, with many people being pushed into forced labour or sexual exploitation.
News ID: 450603    Publish Date : 2020/08/11

The BISKIT Guy explains the “Don’t Judge Me” attitude, where it stems from and why it’s problematic. Every Muslim has encountered this issue before - you try and advise someone not to do something haram and they immediately go, “don’t judge me!”. *sigh*. Let’s bury this mutated symptom of a depraved Western society and recognize it for what it is: it is SECULARISM - and not ISLAM. LOOSE DEFINITION OF SECULARISM: "indifference to or rejection or exclusion of religion and religious considerations.” LOOSE DEFINITION OF ISLAM: “The one, true, divine & complete religion for all of humanity.” …they’re opposites, guys! DISCLAIMER: *Terms & Conditions apply. This video is not discussing the details of the circumstances in which NAHI ANIL MUNKAR (Enjoining the good & forbidding the evil) applies. This video will give an overview of the comprehensive and fundamental concept; please search for the minute details.
News ID: 450585    Publish Date : 2020/08/12

The United States has “a long history of cooking up fictitious stories and whine to achieve its warmongering objectives,” according to an American political analyst.
News ID: 450417    Publish Date : 2020/07/12

Imam Khamenei:
News ID: 450406    Publish Date : 2020/07/13

The Council of Shia Muslim Scholars in North America has translated Ayatollah al-Sistani’s ruling on congregational prayers ‎during the Coronavirus pandemic.‎
News ID: 450222    Publish Date : 2020/05/30

Near the city of Waco, in the American state of Texas, 80 members of the Branch ‎Davidian sect were burned alive during the administration of the Democratic Party. This ‎is something that can no longer be denied.‎‏ ‏The respected Democrats perpetrated this ‎act. According to the Branch Davidians, the American government was angered by the ‎them for some reason and federal and Texas state law enforcement as well as the US ‎military were sent to the‏ ‏Branch Davidian’s Mount Carmel Center. They laid siege to the ‎compound and whatever they did, the Branch Davidians didn’t come out. They set fire ‎to the compound and 76 men, women and children were either buried alive by rubble, ‎suffocated, or shot.‎ Do you understand what human rights mean?!‎
News ID: 450019    Publish Date : 2020/04/22

Courtesy Khamenei.ir
News ID: 449973    Publish Date : 2020/04/10

Imam Khamenei explains,
Courtesy Khamenei.ir
News ID: 449946    Publish Date : 2020/04/01

Data from US states shows that the coronavirus is wreaking havoc in African American neighborhoods, highlighting disparities in health and inequalities in access to medical care.
News ID: 449931    Publish Date : 2020/04/07

Members of University Students' Basij (Volunteer) Organization sent a large cargo of health and hygiene products to the American people via the US Interests' Section represented by the Swiss embassy in Tehran in a bid to help them with campaign against the coronavirus.
News ID: 449860    Publish Date : 2020/04/02

Officials across the US curtailed many elements of American life to fight the coronavirus outbreak on Sunday, with health officials recommending that groups of 50 or more don’t get together and a government expert saying a 14-day national shutdown may be needed.
News ID: 449647    Publish Date : 2020/03/17

Sick people across the United States say they are being denied the coronavirus test, as American states scramble to slow the spread of COVID-19 and stop hospitals from being overwhelmed with a surge in critically ill patients.
News ID: 449579    Publish Date : 2020/03/13

Senior MP:
A senior Iraqi legislator strongly criticized the US meddling in his country’s internal affairs as well as the presence of thousands of American forces.
News ID: 449314    Publish Date : 2020/02/27

Bernie Sanders’ rise signals grassroots rebellion, but imperialism remains unchallenged. Even still, the establishment are losing their collective minds.
News ID: 449281    Publish Date : 2020/02/25

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) slammed US President Donald Trump's proposed federal budget Tuesday, dubbing it a "declaration of war on the American dream".
News ID: 449024    Publish Date : 2020/02/13

Former US drone operator:
A former US drone operator is speaking out against the atrocities he says he was forced to inflict during his time in the armed forces and says the American military as “worse than the Nazis.”
News ID: 448910    Publish Date : 2020/02/08

General Qasem Soleimani: “One of the holiest Generals that mankind has ever witnessed” | Shaykh Farukh Sekaleshfar Living in the West? In light of recent events, this episode of REFLECT explores some of the esoteric, secret dimensions of the concept of martyrdom in the modern world. Islam has survived because of our firm grip on the past (Imam Husayn [A]) and our hopes for the future (Imam Mahdi [A]). Today, the Great Satan America is confronting the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Resistance Axis. We are giving many martyrs in the cause of Islam. What does this mean for us, living in other parts of the world? On what moral grounds can it be justified to live under governments which are committing such heinous acts of aggression against Muslims and martyring the saints and soldiers of the movement of Imam Mahdi (A)? Shaykh Farukh Sekaleshfar provides deep spiritual food for thought, especially for Muslims living in the West, regarding the martyrdom of General Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis. These noble and heroic personalities were murdered by the cowardly American regime, which is the Pharaoh & the Yazid of today.
News ID: 448658    Publish Date : 2020/01/26

More American service members have been transported out of Iraq for medical treatment following retaliatory operation by Iran over Washington's assassination of Tehran's top commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, the Pentagon announced on Tuesday, nearly two weeks after President Donald Trump and US defense officials initially claimed no one was hurt.
News ID: 448586    Publish Date : 2020/01/23

President Donald Trump’s legal team on Saturday declared the impeachment articles approved by the House “constitutionally invalid” and accused House Democrats of a “brazen and unlawful attempt” to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election.
News ID: 448530    Publish Date : 2020/01/20

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps in a statement on Friday vowed that the enemies of the Islamic Revolution, specially the US and the Israeli regime, should prepare themselves for harsh responses after the assassination of IRGC Qods Force Commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani.
News ID: 448331    Publish Date : 2020/01/04