12 July 2020 - 17:21
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The United States has “a long history of cooking up fictitious stories and whine to achieve its warmongering objectives,” according to an American political analyst.

Rasa - “This started at the beginning of the last century, 1890-1899. The United States wanted to go to war to shield the rapidly declining Spanish empire’s possessions in Cuba and in the Philippines and then Guam. So the United States Navy sailed a rather obsolete battleship into Havana Harbor and the battleship blew up.  We now know that that had to do with a defective boiler and had nothing to do with the Spaniards, and yet the United States blamed the Spaniards for blowing up the USS Maine,” said Rodney Martin, a former congressional staffer based in Arizona.

“Rallying cry was remember that Maine and the United States went off to war and still occupying the former Spanish colonial territories to this day, with the exception of the Philippines, which gradually returned to the Philippines sovereignty after World War Two,” Martin told Press TV on Saturday.

Iran has dismissed the recent US allegations that American and “partner” forces have seized a vessel taking “Iranian weapons” to Yemen as continuation of Washington’s policy of leveling accusations and hatemongering against Tehran, which this time seeks to prolong a UN arms embargo against the Islamic Republic.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi made the remarks on Thursday, a day after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a news conference about alleged capture of the vessel by the so-called allied forces on June 28.

“Lying, throwing accusations, and hatemongering are among the major elements of the US’ foreign policy, especially under the current [American] regime,” Mousavi said, adding, “The remarks by the ‘hatemonger’ US secretary of state boil down to the selfsame approach,” he added.

Martin said, “Lies about Iran have been perpetuated since the United States perpetrated an illegal and immoral coup against Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq.”

“We can go on the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which brought the United States into the Vietnam War. There were no North Vietnamese boats firing at the United States Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin,” he stated.

“So this is just the game plan of the United States uses. And it's used for a very narrow focus group, and that is to gin up the very nationalistic and xenophobia genetics that are intrinsic in Americans. It's very dangerous. And it has worked. George W. Bush used it effectively, as did his father, to go to war with Iraq, both times lying about various weapons of mass destruction things and events that never happened,” he said.  

“And we're seeing the same thing with Iran on a grand scale, particularly under the Donald Trump administration, which is dominated by both evangelical Zionist Christians and the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv that has long wanted to bring an end to the Islamic Revolution in Iran,” the analyst said.

“It's important to note one can lose count on the number of military adventures, acts of aggression that the United States and the West have engaged since 1945 while Iran has engaged in precisely zero,” he concluded.

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