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The United States has reportedly blocked a UN Security Council statement on criticizing Israel for attacking Lebanon.
News ID: 446908    Publish Date : 2019/09/07

Syria says at the United Nations that it considers taking back its Israel-occupied Golan Heights through all possible legal instruments to be a priority for the Arab country.
News ID: 446119    Publish Date : 2019/07/25

Syria’s foreign ministry urged the United Nations to take the necessary measures to stop Israel’s repeated acts of military aggression on the Arab country after four people lost their lives in the latest such airstrikes.
News ID: 445787    Publish Date : 2019/07/02

The Islamic Republic of Iran has formally filed a complaint to the UN Security Council against the United States over the violation of its airspace with a reconnaissance drone shot down by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) earlier this month.
News ID: 445711    Publish Date : 2019/06/28

Iran's envoy to UN:
Iran has warned that Israeli occupiers, who are already providing support for terrorists in Syria, may build a coalition with militants if their threat is not dealt with in a proper way.
News ID: 444066    Publish Date : 2019/03/30

Rasa - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stresses the importance of boosting unity and trust, saying all countries must withstand the White House officials’ bullying.
News ID: 438271    Publish Date : 2018/06/15

Rasa - The Security Council is the UN's most powerful body, the only one with the authority to issue legally binding resolutions that can be backed up by sanctions, blue-helmeted peacekeepers or by force of arms.
News ID: 436636    Publish Date : 2018/02/28

No More Road Block:
Rasa - Nearly half a million Rohingya Muslim refugees have fled across the border and have sought refuge in Bangladesh, while 300,000 more have crossed the border to other countries. Of this, women and girls are the most at risk, sleeping under open skies, roadsides, and forest areas with little or no protection.
News ID: 432892    Publish Date : 2017/10/04

Rasa - The UN Security Council is set to hold a meeting to discuss the deteriorating situation of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, a day after the world body’s rights chief voiced the alarm about the ongoing crimes against the minority group which he described as an example of “ethnic cleansing.”
News ID: 432337    Publish Date : 2017/09/12

Rasa - Damascus has urged the United Nations to take on its responsibilities concerning the establishment of international peace and security to put an end to the crimes against Syrians by the US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group.
News ID: 431756    Publish Date : 2017/08/17

Rasa - The United Nations says millions of Damascus residents have been scrambling for clean water for nearly two weeks after supplies from the main source for the Syrian capital were disrupted in the wake of contamination due to militant sabotage.
News ID: 426312    Publish Date : 2017/01/06

Rasa - The White House has vehemently denied accusations that Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Adviser Susan Rice had discussed the recent UN resolution against illegal Israeli settlements with Palestinian officials.
News ID: 426120    Publish Date : 2016/12/28

Rasa - The United Nations Security Council is due to vote on a resolution on Thursday, demanding that Israel put an immediate end to its settlement expansion in the occupied Palestinian territories.
News ID: 425959    Publish Date : 2016/12/22

Rasa - Guess who will sit on the United Nations Security Council seats between 2016 and 2018? War criminals and nine of the world's top ten arms exporters.
News ID: 425395    Publish Date : 2016/11/29

Rasa - The UN Security Council is to convene two special meetings later this month to discuss the Israeli regime’s land expropriation policies and illegal settlement expansion, the Palestinian foreign minister says.
News ID: 424230    Publish Date : 2016/10/11

Rasa - Britain, France and the United States have requested an urgent UN Security Council meeting on the escalating campaign in Syria's second city of Aleppo, diplomats said.
News ID: 423877    Publish Date : 2016/09/25

Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi:
Rasa – Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi described the United Nations and its Security Council as “useless” institutions and added that by placing “all options on the table” countries of the world can fall victim to the threats of military action by oppressive countries.
News ID: 2425    Publish Date : 2015/04/29