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Representative of Zanjan in the Assembly of Experts: ‎
Hujjat al-Islam Haj-Abolqasem-Dolabi stated that negotiating with Iran’s enemies has no ‎purpose other than damaging the country and added, “Relying on domestic capacities and ‎capabilities was the way to overcome the sanctions.”‎
News ID: 450563    Publish Date : 2020/08/04

Political Affairs Expert:‎
Hujjat al-Islam Hasani referred to the approval of the anti-Iranian resolution of the ‎IAEA and said, “Contrary to promises, sanctions increased and there wasn’t any ‎economic opening in the people’s lives.”‎
News ID: 450301    Publish Date : 2020/06/25

Tom Barrack, a billionaire and a close ally of US President Donald Trump tried to make a huge profit from America’s nuclear dealings with Saudi Arabia, a congressional report has revealed.
News ID: 446231    Publish Date : 2019/07/30

North Korean state media say Pyongyang will never unilaterally give up its nuclear weapons program unless the United States removes its nuclear threat first, amid a protracted deadlock in nuclear negotiations between the two countries over the sequencing of the de nuclear ization process in the Korean Peninsula and the removal of international sanctions.
News ID: 442558    Publish Date : 2018/12/21

Rasa - Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has laid the foundation stone for the kingdom’s first nuclear research reactor as calls grow in the US for a halt to nuclear talks with the Riyadh regime, which has been rattled by a scandal over the murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
News ID: 441408    Publish Date : 2018/11/07

Rasa - Last year, July 7, the international civil society adopted a new international law to ban nuclear weapons but to no avail.
News ID: 438616    Publish Date : 2018/07/11

Rasa - It is now an established fact that the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China, Pakistan, India and Israel possess over 25,000 nuclear weapons.
News ID: 438082    Publish Date : 2018/06/05

Iran said Tuesday it has launched a plan to boost uranium enrichment capacity with new centrifuges, raising the pressure on European diplomats scrambling to rescue the crumbling nuclear deal after Washington pulled out.
News ID: 438071    Publish Date : 2018/06/05

Hujjat al-Islam Mandegari:
Rasa – A renowned teacher in the Islamic Seminary said, “The enemies’ new plan is that they want to take time so that Iran is both sanctioned and has no nuclear program and the result of this is trust in the enemies.”
News ID: 438070    Publish Date : 2018/06/05

Secretary-General of the Iranian Academy of Sciences:
Rasa – Sayyed Mohammad Hoseyni said, “Unfortunately, from the very beginning of the negotiations, some simple thinkers thought that they would smile and make an agreement while negotiating and the problems of the country would be solved but today they see that not only have no changes been made.”
News ID: 437792    Publish Date : 2018/05/20

Rasa - It is Israel’s nuclear weapons that pose the greatest threat to Middle Peace, not Iran’s nuclear deal with the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany.
News ID: 437515    Publish Date : 2018/05/05

Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani:
Rasa – The revered source of emulation emphasized the need for the authorities to have vigilance in order to confront the enemies and stated that the US is acting deceptively in regard to the JCPOA.
News ID: 437497    Publish Date : 2018/05/05

Qom Friday Prayer Leader:
Rasa – Ayatollah Hoseyni-Bushehri reiterated that Iran “will definitely leave the JCPOA as well as the NPT if any partner in the JCPOA decides to leave it.”
News ID: 437373    Publish Date : 2018/04/27

Representative of West Azerbaijan Province in the Assembly of Experts:
Rasa – Hujjat al-Islam Mojtahed-Shabestari said, “There are countries in the world who by selling their military equipment to the Persian Gulf states, have bombed and destroyed the houses of the people of Yemen.”
News ID: 436466    Publish Date : 2018/02/17

Representative of West Azerbaijan in the Assembly of Experts:
Rasa – Hujjat al-Islam Askar Dirbaz said, “Officials will never allow the country’s national interests and defense capabilities to be subjected to American spies because such actions are in conflict with the slogans of the Islamic Revolution, which are independence and freedom.”
News ID: 436424    Publish Date : 2018/02/16

Rasa - As if the threat of global terrorism and new wars are not enough, President Donald Trump says the United States intends to conduct a massive expansion of its nuclear weapons arsenal, with an eye toward building a number “far, far in excess of anybody else.”
News ID: 436423    Publish Date : 2018/02/14

Rasa - America’s flawed political leadership and planned expansion of nuclear weapons will lead to a major conflict with Russia and China, says a former US foreign policy adviser and diplomat.
News ID: 436028    Publish Date : 2018/01/27

Hujjat al-Islam Zarei-Sabzevari:
Rasa – The teacher in the Islamic Seminary said, “The decision and guidelines of the Supreme Leader must be the main national strategy in the political and cultural fields.”
News ID: 434814    Publish Date : 2017/11/16

Esfahan Friday Prayer Leader:
Rasa – Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad-Taqi Rahbar argued that European countries are adopting their positions in full harmony with the United States and said, “European countries don’t take a position without coordinating with the United States.”
News ID: 434725    Publish Date : 2017/11/14

Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani:
Rasa – Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani said, “Negotiations with these countries won’t solve any issues. These governments created terrorism and are sponsoring them in the region now, they even impose sanctions on some Islamic countries.”
News ID: 433343    Publish Date : 2017/10/23