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To appropriately answer children and adolescents’ questions about sexuality, so that if their sexual instincts are not aroused, they do not reach premature puberty.
News ID: 450266    Publish Date : 2020/06/06

The Saudi-led coalition's long war in Yemen has left a “devastating” impact on children 's mental health, an international charity says.
News ID: 449730    Publish Date : 2020/03/24

An Israeli rabbi has been detained in occupied Jerusalem al-Quds on suspicion of holding dozens of women and children in slave-like conditions.
News ID: 448484    Publish Date : 2020/01/14

Three Palestinian children were arrested by Israeli soldiers, while they were leaving school in Beit Ummar in Northern Hebron. (Photos)
News ID: 447754    Publish Date : 2019/11/28

An unprecedented number of migrant children were held in US government custody over the past year with the numbers hitting 69,550, the highest number of children that have been taken away from their parents than any other country, according to UN The migrant children who were held in government custody this year, up 42% in fiscal year 2019 from 2018, spent more time in shelters and away from their families than in prior years.
News ID: 447665    Publish Date : 2019/11/13

While more than 820 million people worldwide struggle with hunger, over 670 million adults and 120 million children aged 5 to 19 years have obesity.
News ID: 447512    Publish Date : 2019/10/19

Federal prosecutors raided the home of the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein earlier this month, after charging him with sex trafficking. There, they say they discovered lewd photographs of girls as young as 14. Epstein is a convicted felon who was sentenced in 2008 for sex crimes involving a minor.
News ID: 446371    Publish Date : 2019/08/05

Palestinian children fill jerrycans with drinking water from public taps at a refugee camp in Rafah in the Southern Gaza Strip.
News ID: 446360    Publish Date : 2019/08/04

The administration of President Donald Trump has separated about 1,000 migrant children from their families at the US southern border with Mexico in defiance of a judge's order to stop the practice, according to a top rights group.
News ID: 446268    Publish Date : 2019/08/01

-led Crisis:
Over 7,500 children have been killed or wounded in Yemen in the last five years as a result of Saudi-led airstrikes, shelling, fighting, suicide attacks, mines and other unexploded ordnance.
News ID: 445859    Publish Date : 2019/07/06

An international children ’s rights NGO says Israeli military troopers have shot and killed 11 Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip since January.
News ID: 444141    Publish Date : 2019/04/05

News ID: 443804    Publish Date : 2019/03/06

Yemeni children and female protesters gather during a rally against the intervention led by Saudi Arabia in the country, in the capital Sana'a.
News ID: 443784    Publish Date : 2019/03/06

There is a reason why the Trump administration continues to separate migrant children from their parents and deny them the full protections generally awarded to unaccompanied children . It’s deliberate, systematic, and widespread.
News ID: 443083    Publish Date : 2019/01/20

Hujjat al-Islam Safi:
Ayatollah Sistani’s Representetive in Karbala said that the state, the family and the civil society organizations are responsible for upbringing the next generation.
News ID: 443012    Publish Date : 2019/01/14

A headmaster in northwest England has revealed that children in her school are so food-deprived that they "eat from bins."
News ID: 442987    Publish Date : 2019/01/13

The Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies on Friday announced that the Israeli occupation forces arrested 5,700 Palestinians in 2018, including 980 children and 175 women and girls.
News ID: 442724    Publish Date : 2018/12/30

A report by a Palestinian human rights center reveals that Israeli forces have killed at least 54 Palestinian children and arrested over 900 others since the beginning of 2018.
News ID: 442551    Publish Date : 2018/12/21