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The Components of the Religious Lifestyle According to the Supreme Leader of the Revolution (Part 1)
According to the Supreme leader of the revolution, and as mentioned by narratives, the lifestyle is indeed “the knowledge of how to live”. In fact, it is “the software of the Islamic Culture”. He defines two general styles of life: Non-Tawhidi lifestyle, in which secular instructions, consumerism, hedonism and custom-based concepts of religion prevail; and Tawhidi one, within which the heavenly directions are prevalent and they influence policy, culture and economy.
News ID: 443686    Publish Date : 2019/03/02

Hujjat al-Islam Zibaei-Nejad:
Rasa - Speaking about the importance of family's place in society, an Iranain cleric stated that the equality of men and women must be focused on issues such as morality, kind-dispossession and conduct, and not on the different roles men and women posses in the family, which must be preserved in order to prevent harm to the family unit.
News ID: 3240    Publish Date : 2015/08/29