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The Islamic Awakening in West Asia and North Africa and the Reactions of the ‎United States

In this article, authors Ahmad Doust-Mohammadi and Muhammad al-Ghabban discuss the ‎ideology of ‎the United States in the world. The begin by discussing the relationship between ‎this ‎ideology and the Islamic awakening and the latest transitions in West Asia and North ‎Africa. ‎In conclusion, they discuss about the position and aims of the United States after the ‎recent ‎transitions.‎

US seeks to portray itself as Iraq’s saviour

Ayatollah Hoseyni said that the United States is trying to create corruption in Iraq, and to ‎place itself as the saviour of the Iraqi people, and to outwardly reform things in a way that it ‎can still rule over Iraq. However, the United States was unaware that the ultimate destiny of ‎the people was determined by God.‎