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The characteristics of the lifestyle

The lifestyle is a combination of form (style) and sense (life). A behaviour is derived from beliefs, interests, it is based on an explicit and informed view or an implicit semi-informed approach towards the philosophy of life.

The lifestyle according to Imams (AS)

The first characteristic of the pious is uttering the right words, and it refers to the manner of speaking of the pious. The second characteristic owned by the pious is what/how they wear (their dressing is moderate).

The position of economic motivations in Ashoura rising

Concerning the part of the revival of Islam illuminating religion and the traditions of the Prophet of Islam (S) in Ashoura uprising, it should be reminisced that Ashoura rising of Imam Hussein (AS) was going to let the religion and tradition of the prophet of Islam (S) remain alive so that people could become acquainted with and follow this original tradition and the practical manner of the Prophet (S) and Imam Ali (AS).

Paper introduction: the impact of women’s flexible working hours on the fulfillment of their familial responsibilities through an Islamic approach

Despite the significance attached to the role of woman in the familial environment by Islam, on the condition that the moral health and dignity of women, together with the foundation of the family aren’t damaged, this religion isn’t against the employment of women outside home; thereby, the working conditions of women should be flexible enough to let them discharge the familial responsibilities properly. Accordingly, the present paper studies the impact of women’s flexible working hours on the fulfilment of their familial responsibilities.

Note/Following the principles on the authorities of the Islamic government a requirement in the economic war

A step taken by the government for the regulation of the economic system within the Islamic government is the formation of the supreme council of economic coordination; this council is responsible for making strategic decisions on modifying the general budget, drawing the roadmap and developing a general plan, however, although the supreme leader provided some guidance in this regard about seven months ago, these modifications are still to be made, an act that is seriously criticised by the related experts.  

Relationship between the mosque and market in Amir al-Momenin’s Government

The retired professor of Kharazmin University said, “In Imam Ali’s rule, markets were established close to mosques, with former standing either by or inside bazaars; as, mosques educate people on religious rules, especially jurisprudential ones, and accordingly, businessmen could become acquainted with both the religiously allowed and disallowed issues.

Lifestyle Is a Civilizational Achievement

Nilchizadeh, saying that the Islamic lifestyle is a civilizational achievement, stated,  “The attention to this category is significant; Accordingly, the supreme leader, stressing this issue, said, “In 20-year Prospect Document, we are supposed to recreate the Islamic civilization as the central point in the world so that it will be referred and based as a source.”