16 December 2019 - 17:09
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Vice President of Hezbollah Executive Council:
Sheikh Damoush said, “US uses all means to exert financial and economic pressure and sanctions on Lebanon to stir Lebanese parties against each other and against Resistance Front.”

RNA - Emphasizing that Washington is pursuing its interests and the Zionist regime, Sheikh Ali Damoush added, “The Lebanese nation has always opposed normalizing relations with the Zionist regime.”

“The US government is using all means to exert financial and economic pressure and sanctions on Lebanon to stir the Lebanese against each other. The US uses this plot to weaken the Resistance Front in the political and popular issues and it relies on this policy to isolate the Resistance Front in domestic and international arenas”, said hojjat al-Islam sheikh Ali Damoush, Vice President of Hezbollah Executive Council, in his Friday prayer sermon.

“But they should know that what they did not achieve through economy what they couldn’t reach through war. If some Lebanese individuals want to be the US’ hand to stir against Resistance Front and to normalize relations with Israel, most Lebanese will oppose it and they are against US policies in Lebanon. The Lebanese people are well aware that the United States is not working for the Lebanese nation”, he added.

“The Lebanese nation is the nation that resisted and defeated Israel thanks to the Resistance Front. In the past and present, the Lebanese people have adhered to Palestine and its rights, and have always opposed all demands for normalizing relations with the (Zionist) enemy”, Sheikh Damoush emphasized.

“So far due to decisive and overwhelming resistance of Lebanese people, not all financial and economic pressures which US imposed on Lebanon have been successful. Using vigilance, tact, patience and commitment to internal peace, the Lebanese people have tried hard to avert chaos in the country”, Sheikh Damoush underlined.

“But it doesn’t mean that their sinister plots are over; they will continue to exert pressure on Lebanese nation in the political, economic, financial and media arenas. So, we have to be on alert and ready because we seek to thwart these evil plans and to defeat it politically, in the media and in the public. We are interested in Lebanon, its security and stability. No internal sedition is in the interest of the Lebanese people, but the United States and Israel will benefit from it”, Sheikh Ali Damoush, Vice President of Hezbollah Executive Council concluded.

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