01 June 2019 - 15:08
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Najaf Friday prayer leader:
The Friday prayer leader of Najaf explicated that enemies can’t implement “The deal of the century” even in dreams.

RNA - The Friday prayer leader of Najaf Ashraf, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Sadr ad-Din Qabbanchi, delivering the sermons of this week’s Friday prayer in Fatima Kubra (S) Hussainia, commended the positions of the Iraqi president expressed in the meeting of the heads of the Arab countries in Saudi Arabia and said, “Barham Salih condemned the closing anti-Iranian statement of the session and said that the region enjoys a single security, and Iraq won’t steer clear of its relationships with Iran.”

“The deal of the century is doomed to failure, it won’t be accomplished even in dreams. The day of Quds is the voice of the Islamic conscience, Israel has occupied an Islamic country and we are responsible in this regard. On this day, we should act courageously and stand against the true enemy in unity”, he explicated.

Finally he said, “Imam Khomeini, the doughty leader, named this day as the Day of Quds, and the Zionists are terrified by this act and day.”

Rasa News Agency


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