31 May 2019 - 19:46
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Baghdad Friday prayer leader:
Baghdad Friday prayer leader called Palestine a part of the Islamic identity and values and pointed out that Quds is impossible to be neglected.

RNA - Ayatollah Sayyed Yasin Mousavi, Baghdad Friday prayer leader, delivering a speech on the Word Quds day, said, “Imam Khomeini named the final Friday of the month of Ramadan as the World Quds Day.”

Concerning the naming of this day, Ayatollah Mousavi reiterated, “Imam Khomeini’s vigilance should be commended, he didn’t name it Palestine’s day, but the Day of Quds, as he well knew, on these days, and we are being examined on this issue.”

On the responsibility of all Muslims toward the Palestinian people, he stated, “The issue of Palestine is of much relevance to us, as it is a part of our legacy, history, personality, sacred issues, principles and values.”

Baghdad Friday prayer, saying that Quds is the capital of Palestine, added, “Quds remains for us, as it is ours and the capital of Palestine. It is the capital of the Muslim countries, due to the fact that, a specific position is appropriated for it within our legacy, beliefs and values.”

Finally, he said, “On the Quds day, we should act for the liberation of Quds and Palestine from the colonists, Zionists, House of Saud and the cruel rulers.”

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