16 December 2019 - 18:52
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Sheikh Sohaib Habli:
A member of Muslim scholars in Lebanon stated that with Islamic Revolution of Iran, Imam Khomeini has drawn the world’s attention to Palestine.

In an interview with RNA international correspondent Sheikh Sohaib Habli a member of Islamic scholar congregation in Lebanon, called Islamic unity a divine issue and said: division is one of Satan's goals for humans.

Emphasizing the necessity of holding various conferences and seminars in order to promote Islamic unity ant proximity, he said, “By holding conferences on the topic of Islamic unity, the Islamic Republic of Iran is reviving the Quran. Enemies have imposed heavy sanctions on the Iran for defending Palestine.”

Stating that the Arab countries fail to support Palestine and actually sold it to Israeli enemies, but after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Imam Khomeini turned the attention of the Islamic Ummah to the Palestinian issue; this Sunni scholar described the Palestinian issue as one of the most important issues in the Islamic Ummah (world).

Criticizing the poor media coverage of Islamic Unity Conferences on the topic of Islamic unity which held by Islamic Republic of Iran, he said, “poor media coverage of these issues has led Sunni youth to be misled about Iran.”

Saying that the enemies are seeking to destroy Lebanon, he added, “The aim of enemies of interference in Lebanese internal affairs is weakening the Resistance Front, so by pressure on Lebanese government they are pressuring to exclude Hezbollah from political affairs.”

At the beginning of the crisis and demonstrations in Lebanon, we could say that these protests are for popular demands, but today it has become clear for anyone with some sense of wisdom and for all the world that who is behind these protests and how US and its allies intervene in Lebanon.

Pointing out that the Zionist occupation regime does not dare to start a war against Lebanon, Sheikh Sohaib Habli said, “These protests cannot give Israel the opportunity to launch a new war against the Lebanese nation because they do not dare to do so, but the Zionist occupation regime is perusing another way to harm the people of this country and that is economic sanctions and pressure. The Israelis think that they can weaken Hezbollah with economic sanctions, but they know that Lebanese people are defending Hezbollah as long as they can. Because they well aware of Hezbollah’s services for them.”

“Israel will soon be destroyed”, he said. “It is our religious and divine belief that cruelty and oppression will be eradicated and thanks to (holy) blood of the martyrs we will soon see the annihilation of the Zionist regime and we will soon see the dominance of the Resistance Front, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

“The issue of Palestine will remain on the board until there are some people putting up resistance and standing against Zionists. The Resistance Front will soon oust all the occupiers from Palestine and this plan of the US president and other similar plans won’t be accomplished”, the Sunni scholar maintained.

Sheikh Sohaib Habli, a member of the Lebanese Assembly of Muslim Scholars announced that the true Muslims are religiously required to stand by Quds and Palestine.

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