21 May 2020 - 16:30
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Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom:‎
The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom continued to consider the issue of Palestine and ‎the liberation of al-Quds as the main issue of the Islamic world and emphasized that the ‎Coronavirus will not lead to the forgetting of the ideal of the liberation of al-Quds.‎

RNA – The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom issued a statement on the occasion of ‎International al-Quds Day, announcing their support for the stability and endurance of the ‎oppressed people of Palestine. ‎

In the statement, which was signed by Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, the chairman of the ‎Supreme Council of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom, said, “International al-Quds ‎Day is the day of the crystallization of faith and the day of effort and attention of the Islamic ‎ummah and the free people of the world to the oppression of the Palestinian people and the ‎issue of the holy city of al-Quds (Jerusalem). A day when the support for al-Quds and the ‎faithful solidarity of the people with the Palestinian cause disrupts the arrogant plans and ‎plots and thwarts the efforts of the hunters to make the people forget the issue of ‎Palestine.” ‎

The statement noted, “This year, although the al-Quds Day rallies will not be held in the ‎same manner as in previous years, and given the issue of the global outbreak of ‎Coronavirus, our people will act according to the decision of the officials of the National ‎Coronavirus Headquarters, but this day will never be erased from the minds of Muslims. We ‎will not allow the importance of the issue of Palestine and the oppression of the holy city of ‎al-Quds to be neglected in the shadow of the global crisis of the Coronavirus.”‎

The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom said, “The protection of the holy city of al-Quds ‎and al-Aqsa Mosque is based on the Quran and religious thought and silence concerning ‎Israel’s plots is a neglect of the Quran and betrayal of the oppressed people of Palestine.”‎

The seminary organization stressed that the Deal of the Century, US President Donald ‎Trump’s so-called peace plan for Israelis and Palestinians, the plan to annex the West Bank, ‎and the attempt to establish Jerusalem into the capital of the fake Israeli regime are all ‎dreams and fantasies that the Zionists will take to the grave. ‎

The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom, while supporting the stability and perseverance ‎of the oppressed people of Palestine, declares, “al-Quds Day, as an Islamic International ‎Day, belongs to the Islamic ummah and the freedom-seekers of the world, and it’s a day ‎when the Islamic ummah stands up to the word ‘falsehood’ and oppression and arrogance‏ ‏calls for a response.”‎

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