03 May 2020 - 13:36
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Lebanese Muslim Scholar:‎
Hujjat al-Islam Nu’mani said the Coronavirus pandemic has had many negative impacts but one ‎of its positive outcomes is making human beings aware of their weaknesses.

RNA – Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad-Sa’id Nu’mani, a Lebanese Muslim scholar, said the ‎Coronavirus ‎pandemic has had many negative impacts but one of its positive outcomes is ‎making human beings ‎aware of their weaknesses.‎

He made the remark in a video-conference meeting held to discuss the impacts of the ‎Coronavirus ‎pandemic from a religious point of view.‎

The Iranian Cultural Centre in Beirut, Lebanon, organized the event on Friday.‎

Entitled, “Coronavirus: Disputations on Salvation,” it was the third such meeting in a series ‎held ‎under the name of “Coronavirus Debates.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Nu’mani said mankind that has become conceited in modern times is now ‎weak in the face ‎of a tiny virus.‎

“The pandemic has awakened human beings and many have realized that in such conditions ‎praying ‎and faith in God can help them,” he said.‎

The cleric also noted that in some European countries where broadcasting the adhan (call to ‎prayers) ‎was banned, the ban has been lifted during the pandemic because they have ‎realized the ‎importance of faith.‎

Elsewhere in his remarks, the cleric referred to the belief in a saviour and said, “Nations have ‎always ‎sought a saviour during times of hardship.‎"‎

The concept of a saviour has been present in all religions but Islam has clearly explained it ‎and its ‎purpose, the cleric went on to say, referring to verse 5 of Surah al-Qasas (28) of the ‎Quran: “And ‎We desired to show favour unto those who were oppressed in the earth, and to ‎make them ‎examples and to make them the inheritors.”‎

Other speakers at the vide-conference meeting included Shaykh Ahmad Qays, head of a ‎Quranic ‎studies centre, Mor Theophilos, George Saliba, Archbishop of Mount Lebanon and ‎Tripoli, and ‎Shaykh Tajuddin al-Hilali, former Mufti of Australia and New Zealand.‎




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