09 February 2020 - 12:26
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Ayatollah Yaqubi:
Ayatollah Yaqoubi emphasized on the need to preserve insight and said that the youth should move along the path of the Islamic system of thought.

Yesterday, Ayatollah Yaqubi, a prominent Iraqi Cleric, received a group of Iraqi youth from Baghdad and Babylon provinces, reported the correspondent of Rasa News Agency in Najaf, Iraq.

Emphasizing on maintaining a peaceful approach to the demonstrations in the pursuit of rights and anti-tyranny and corruption, Ayatollah Yaqoubi said, “Foreign mercenaries want to abuse the popular demonstrations, so everyone must maintain vigilance in order to avoid the diversion of rightful demands of people. "

“Talented youth must fulfill their national duties for the country and by attending the demonstrations and taking serious care in awakening the people prevent its diversion”, Ayatollah Yaqubi said.

Noting the importance of following the recommendations of the religious leaders and the seminaries in order to maintain the right path of demonstrations to achieve the rightful goals, he said, “Unfortunately, there are some lies against religion, Grand Ayatollahs (Sources of Emulation) and seminaries which are not good for people and Islamic seminaries should aware people of these misconducts. They should support the disadvantaged and the poor through charity institutions.”

“The seminary has always been in the interest of the people and their companion in various problems and crises throughout history. In this way, many scholars of the seminaries have been martyred in the fight against the tyrannical regimes and the terrorists”, he added.

Stating that the youth should prepare their thought and beliefs for the society leadership, he considered self-purification as necessary for them and said, “Avoiding religion and adherence to corrupt cultures is in fact a kind of spiritual illness that traps man in the vortex of material issues and thus prevents him from moving in the path of the Islamic system of thought.”

Rasa News Agency


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