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Islamic Lifestyle: a Civilizational Achievement (Part 2)
Presently, the decoration of our buildings and houses is Western, and as the enemy is hostile, we should strike some balances in this regard and practice moderation.

RNA - Saying that although there existed the business of medicines or some specific brands in the past, yet, now, there are businesses of diseases that are more dangerous, he maintained, “In fact, using chemical medicines, patients become addicted to such remedies, and it has become a source of income for medicine producers, nonetheless, the Islamic medicine doesn’t generate any dependences or addictions in patients.”

Nilchizadeh further noted, Currently, there exists a trade of disease, and people should suffer from diseases so that this business work, but, nonetheless, in the Islamic lifestyle, the first rule is about the health of Muslims, and people, adopting this lifestyle, will have a healthy body, psyche and spirit.”

The expert of Samt Khoda Program added, “Presently, the decoration of our buildings and houses is Western, and as the enemy is hostile, we should strike some balances in this regard and practise moderation.”


In Some Cases, the Western Lifestyle Disrupts the Balance of the Body

This author expressed, In fact, in addition to the application of the development and day sciences, we shouldn’t allow the new architecture to add to the psychological and physical diseases of the people; sometimes, the Western architecture style disrupts the physical balance of the man, though, the man needs to live in a good climate.”

Pointing to the lingual struggles between Arabs and Persians, she said, “Indeed, such differences have no impact on our esteem for Imams (AS) and the religion of Muhammad; the Iranian-Islamic lifestyle means that Muslims’ ceremonies, parties and celebrations should be Islamic and empty of sins.”

Raising the query that why do many people follow/copy celebrities knotting their scarves in a specific style, she said, “In fact, there exist a gap in this regard, and what mentioned shows that some people have no specific and fixed lifestyle.”


Some Instances of the Iranian-Islamic Lifestyle

She presented some instances of the Iranian-Islamic lifestyle, and said, “Lentils increase tears produced by eyes, however, they make heart harder/darker, therefore, on the mourning days/nights of Imam Hussain (AS), some people distribute the food of rice and lentils among other people; this tradition is not attended to properly, and it is becoming well-established; therefore, the present Islamic lifestyle needs both software and hardware.”


The Islamic Lifestyle Has Some Formulas/Solutions for All Issues

Nilchi added, “The Islamic lifestyle has provided some formulas/solutions for all Issues, as, concerning the food and nurturing, the Islamic lifestyle emphasizes both the cleanness and appearance of the food, a factor that is absent in other lifestyles, as Muslims should consume clean materials.”

Stressing that the Iranian-Islamic lifestyle means that people should consume what is not costly but produced inside our own country, she stated, “Although the Queen of the UK uses the best natural essences, Iranian youths use the commodities produced unnaturally in West.”

This seminary teacher and university professors saying that consumption of organic materials is the key to having spiritual and physical health, stated, “Use of natural perfumes is a kind of cure, and even the Prophet of Islam (S), appropriated a third of his expenses for perfumes, a fact that indicates the importance of this issue.”


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