01 July 2020 - 13:02
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The Representative of the Supreme Leader in Khorasan Razavi: ‎
Ayatollah Alamolhoda noted the negligence of some officials to the affairs of the people and ‎said, “We must not allow the Islamic Revolution to be harmed.”‎

RNA – Speaking on June 30th at the conference of Friday prayer leaders of Khorasan Razavi ‎province, Ayatollah Sayyed Ahmad Alamolhoda referred to the spread of COVID-19 ‎‎(Coronavirus) and said, “The spread of this virus is contingent on the gatherings and we ‎have to be careful in this regard, we cannot say that this disease exists and we hold our ‎gatherings every month.” ‎

The representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] in ‎Khorasan Razavi province said, “It shouldn’t be like this and it isn’t to say that Friday prayers ‎won’t be held and therefore, we have nothing to do, but our work has increased in different ‎social spaces and online.”‎

Ayatollah Alamolhoda added, “We are the servants of Imam al-Mahdi and we must serve the ‎Imam of the Time at all times. We should not say that because Friday prayers mustn’t held, ‎the problems and issues of the people are no longer relevant to us, this is disrespectful to ‎the service of Imam al-Mahdi.”‎

His Eminence said, “In a situation where gatherings on the streets have been cancelled, we ‎must do our best to expand our work in various ways and not allow Islam and the Islamic ‎Revolution to be harmed.”‎

He stated, “One of the things we must do in this situation is to divide the power of the ‎Friday prayer leaders between the mosques of the city so that all the people are in touch ‎with their Friday prayer leader.”‎

In conclusion, Ayatollah Alamolhoda added, “We are the servants of Imam al-Mahdi, so we ‎must raise ourselves in all circumstances and under any circumstances for the better service ‎of Imam al-Mahdi.”‎

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