22 September 2019 - 11:06
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Libbaya (Lebanon) Friday Prayer Leader:‎
Hujjat al-Islam Ali al-Khatib noted that Iran, despite the cruel sanctions imposed on it, ‎is capable of resisting and defeating its enemies. ‎

RNA – In his Friday prayer sermon to a large and fervent crowd of believers in Libbaya ‎Mosque in the town of Libbaya in Lebanon’s Western Beqaa district, Hujjat al-Islam Ali ‎al-Khatib, the vice-president of the Shi’ah Islamic Supreme Council of Lebanon, ‎described the economic situation of the Lebanese people as “abject” and said, “Many ‎people are struggling with economic and livelihood problems and this issue has made ‎the responsibility of the politicians heavier. Therefore, officials must not continue their ‎predecessors’ path of wasting money and indebting the country.”‎

The senior Lebanese scholar stated, “Lebanon and the Islamic Resistance Axis are in an ‎oppressive economic siege. The purpose of these sanctions is to pressure the people to ‎withdraw their support from the Islamic Resistance Front while proving that the Islamic ‎Resistance is seeking the rights of the people of the Arab and Islamic countries and ‎defending Palestine.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam al-Khatib responded to the statements by American officials about ‎launching a potential attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran and said, “Iran has proven ‎that despite the very strong sanctions imposed on it that it’s strong and steadfast in ‎the pursuit of its goals. On this basis, the victory will belong to the Islamic Republic of ‎Iran and its allies.”‎

He called on Saudi Arabia to engage in dialogue with the Islamic Republic of Iran and ‎against the Zionist occupation regime that seeks to harm all peoples of the Islamic and ‎Arab countries and said, “We want the two sides to come to the negotiating table and ‎engage in dialogue to solve the problems and defeat the enemies of the region, who ‎are pursuing a plot in the form of new alliance which includes the participation of ‎Israel.”‎

In another part of his Friday prayer sermon, Hujjat al-Islam al-Khatib emphasized the ‎need for the Lebanese government to work with the Syrian government to resolve the ‎problems of the Syrian refugees, saying that the refugees should return to their homes ‎as soon as possible, otherwise there would be various problems in Lebanon. ‎

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