Mahdism and the Islamic lifestyle
Lifestyle is not equal to the concept of religious etiquette but the lifestyle in Muslim societies ‎is achieved through the practice of religious etiquette, ethics and religious beliefs, and as a ‎result, the practice of religious teachings is achieved‎.
The consequences of harassing one’s parents
God cares so much about the hardships of our parents that in the Quran, after saying, ‎‎“Worship me,” He has encouraged us to be kind, loving and to pray for our parents.‎
Why is lifestyle important?
Choosing the lifestyle as an almost vast subset of culture is never accidental, but it is important in several ways.
A comparative study of Western and Islamic lifestyles
Ms. Zahra Mangali stated that the following article is an attempt to extract, compare and ‎analyze the lifestyle in the West and Islam. ‎
The government’s duty does not remove society’s duty
You read in the supplication, ‘Oh God! Make me live the life of Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, and permit me to die the death of Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad.’ When we talk of ‘live the life of’ here, we mean lifestyle and we are asking God to make our lifestyle like theirs.”
How can boys and girls get to know each other before marriage?
If matchmaking is done correctly and the various stages are completed, it is possible to get ‎to know someone to a certain degree. Of course, it is not possible to get to know someone ‎by talking in only one meeting.‎
The appropriate age difference for marriage from the Islamic point of view
What is the appropriate age difference from the Islamic point of view?‎
According to Islam, not only hasn’t a specific age for marriage been mentioned, but there is ‎‎no determined age difference between a man and a woman who want to marry each other.‎
Lifestyle from the perspective of the Purified Imams
The subject of lifestyle in the holy religion of Islam has a history of 1,400 years and is ‎mentioned in various letters. ‎
How to prevent marital conflicts or family conflicts?‎
Spouses’ relationships amid a pandemic:‎
On certain days, such as the spread of diseases, such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus), ‎couples and family members are more together than usual. How can we prevent marital ‎conflicts or family conflicts?‎