20 May 2020 - 11:41
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The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution gives a speech every Ramadhan about the importance of ‎al-Quds Day, through which Muslims can make a roadmap to help the real owners of Palestine.‎

RNA – The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, gives a speech ‎every Ramadhan about the importance of al-Quds Day, through which Muslims can make a roadmap ‎to help the real owners of Palestine.

al-Quds (Jerusalem) is city embracing one of the holiest Muslim monument – al-Aqsa Mosque – as the ‎first qiblah of Muslims and the place wherefrom the Holy Prophet began his spiritual journey, Mi’raj. ‎The people of Palestine, under siege by the Zionists, are looking forward to the help of world Muslims ‎to reclaim al-Quds. The last Friday of Ramadhan month has been name the al-Quds Day by Imam ‎Khomeini, the founder of Islamic Revolution in Iran, to mark the awakening of Muslim world to free ‎Palestine and al-Quds, in particular.

Here is a review of the Supreme Leader’s speeches on the al-Quds Day in different occasions.

Failing of the US “Deal of the Century”

The Supreme Leader said last year that the cause of Palestine is a principal issue not limited to Islamic ‎governments and states, but a humanitarian issue which makes vigilant hearts beating to what ‎happens to Palestinians.

Ayatollah Khamenei noted that the al-Quds Day becomes more important when it comes to the ‎treasonous measures taken by the United States to impose their Deal of the Century which “won’t be ‎successful and will never realize and the US and its followers will fail in this issue, as well.”

Ayatollah Khamenei, in another occasion, said that the al-Quds Day demonstration is in fact an ‎individual phenomenon in which people come out beneath the hot sun to indicate that despite the ‎propaganda by foreign governments, Muslim nations have been more close to and more aligned with ‎Iranian people.

Defending Palestine is defending the truth

The al-Quds Day doesn’t only mean defending a suppressed and displaced nation, it is rather fighting ‎against a tyrant, arrogant political regime, according to the Supreme Leader. He has also said: ‎‎“Today, defending Palestine is defending the truth; a truth much broader that the cause of Palestine.”

‎“You see when you speak out against the Zionist Regime, American officials and politicians feel ‎antagonized against you; they feel that they are hurt; that’s in fact the truth. That’s why al-Quds Day ‎must be commemorated.”

The Supreme Leader also praised the presence of the youth in al-Quds Day demonstrations.

al-Aqsa Mosque a priority of the Muslim World

In a conference on extremist movements in Islam in 2014, Ayatollah Khamenei expressed regret that ‎Muslim nations have been involved with the problems and conflicts made by the global arrogance ‎within the Islamic world instead of mobilizing all their forces against the measures and conspiracies ‎that the Zionist Regime has been doing against al-Quds and al-Aqsa mosque.

He said that the problem of extremism is something injected by the foes of Islam into the Muslim ‎world and Muslim scholars must inevitably deal with the problem; adding: “But the main issue is the ‎problem of Zionist Regime; the main issue is al-Quds… it is al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Palestine protected from the enemy’s tricks

On the eve of Eid al-Fitr 2013, the Supreme Leader said in the meeting with Iranian officials and ‎ambassadors of Islamic countries that the cause of Palestine had turned once again to the main issue ‎in the Islamic world thanks to the Islamic awakening. He underlined that the opportunity must be ‎taken and Muslims shouldn’t let that be hidden under the conspiracies and tricks of the foes of Islam.

He said that nations assess their governments by the position the take regarding Palestine but ‎sometimes despotism wouldn’t let the resolve of nations to be disclosed, adding that demonstrations ‎by peoples of the region in al-Quds Day let them speak out what was in their hearts to the chagrin of ‎the Zionists.

The day of petition

‎“al-Quds Day is an international Islamic day and great day in which Iranian people and other Muslim ‎nations speak out the truth which the global arrogance invested for sixty years to silent it. The ‎formation of Islamic Republic in Iran and declaration of al-Quds Day and turning the embassy of the ‎Zionist Regime in Tehran to the Palestinian embassy was an assertive movement against the sixty-‎year-long conspiracy of imperialism to wipe out Palestine from the world map,” the Supreme Leader ‎said in a meeting with university professors in the summer of 2012.

He had told in the previous year that Iran’s “united and awake nation” who follows up global issues, ‎Islamic world issues in particular, with sympathy and recognizes the issue of Palestine as an internal ‎issue.

Palestinian nation resistance

In a meeting with Palestinian leaders in 2010, Ayatollah Khamenei said that the Zionist Regime was ‎trying to turn Palestinian nation away from resistance by imposing hefty pressure on the people of ‎Gaza and the West Bank, but Palestinians must be confident that their enormous movement would ‎bear fruit.

The Supreme Leader said in another occasion that the enemies of Islam were trying to remove the ‎issue of Palestine in the public opinion of the world, but to their desperation, demonstrations of all ‎Muslim nations around the globe neutralized their conspiracy and encouraged Palestinians.‎



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