16 April 2020 - 09:18
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Iraqi Source of Emulation:‎
Ayatollah al-Fayyadh said that according to shari’ah, the obtainment of the existence of ‎rational and strong possibility of detriment or harm for each day of the month of Ramadhan ‎is an obligatory condition for abandoning one’s fast.‎

RNA – In response to ‎an inquiry by a group of believers about fasting during Ramadhan ‎given the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Ayatollah Muhammad-Ishaq al-Fayyadh, one of ‎the senior sources of emulation in Iraq, said, “It isn’t permissible to break one’s fast during ‎the holy month of Ramadhan without the assurance of true fear of detriment and harm and ‎according to shari’ah, the obtainment of the existence of rational and strong harm for each ‎day of the month of Ramadhan is an obligatory condition for abandoning one’s fast.” ‎

The Iraq scholar continued, “It’s necessary to drink water frequently to ward off the risk of ‎the Coronavirus but since Ramadhan is an essential pillar and an obligation of the Islamic ‎religion, one can’t abandon fasting during this month on the sole basis of general and ‎inaccurate advice.”‎

He added, “The obligation of fasting is removed if a person, on the advice of a doctor, ‎provides a strong and rational possibility that fasting causes a physical danger or the loss of ‎work and the earning of a living for him each day due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus ‎and he must make up for it after the holy month provided that isn’t a pretext to not fast.”‎

It’s worth mentioning that Najaf Governorate, which has the highest number of cases of ‎Coronavirus ‎after Baghdad Governorate, hasn’t registered any new cases in the last two ‎days, which has raised ‎hopes for controlling the virus in Iraq.‎

As a result of the warming weather, people have been evicted from their homes due to ‎regulations on the ‎restriction of traffic and most shopkeepers and markets have resumed ‎activities and ‎security forces have been reluctant to implement traffic ban measures which ‎has raised ‎concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus.‎

In its latest report, Iraq’s Ministry of Health and Environment put the number of people ‎‎infected with the Coronavirus at 1,400 individuals, the number of deaths at 78 individuals, ‎and the number of recovered people at 766 individuals. ‎

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