22 October 2019 - 21:19
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Vice President of the Seminary Council of Mazandaran:‎
Hujjat al-Islam Jalali noted that the enemies’ isolation of Islamic Iran through sanctions and ‎political pressures is a failed plan and said, “Today, Islamic Iran is an undisputed power in ‎the region and in the world.” ‎

RNA – Speaking at a gathering of seminarians and students in Sari, Mazandaran, Hujjat al-‎Islam Sayyed Mahmoud Jalali, the vice president of the Seminary Council of Mazandaran, ‎said that resistance against the enemies has been the key to the victory of Iran’s Islamic ‎system of government in various sectors over the past forty years.‎

The teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Mazandaran added that just as the Supreme Leader ‎of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] has said that not surrendering to the United ‎States is a divine duty, adding, “The neutralization of the enemies’ conspiracies will only be ‎realized with the persistence and resistance of the Iranian people.”‎
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He noted that retreating and giving in to the enemies’ desires led to them having greater ‎influence and boldness and added, “Our forty years of experience have shown that we have ‎always stood strongly against the enemies’ excesses.” ‎

Hujjat al-Islam Jalali said that the enemies are seeking to isolate Islamic Iran in the ‎international community and noted, “Over the last forty years Islamic Iran has taken ‎practical initiatives to become one of the major players in the region as well as the world.” ‎

His Eminence stressed that the isolation of Islamic Iran through sanctions and political ‎pressures was a defeated plan and stated, “Today, Islamic Iran has become an undisputed ‎regional and international power.”‎
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He described the Western countries led by the United States as the enemies of the Iranian ‎people and said, “Today, it has become increasingly clear that there is no difference ‎between the United States and Europe in terms of hostility to the great Iranian nation.”‎
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Hujjat al-Islam Jalali emphasized that Europeans also continue the same path of the ‎Americans in imposing pressure and hostility against the Iranian people and said, “Just as the ‎Supreme Leader emphasized, ‘We must completely cut off all hope in the Europeans.’”‎



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