01 October 2019 - 08:43
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Ayatollah Alavi-Gorgani:‎
The teacher in the Islamic Seminaries referred to the need for truthfulness, especially among ‎the officials of the country and urged them to avoid exaggeration in their reports.‎

RNA – In a meeting with members of the central headquarters of the Khatam al-Anbiya ‎camp, Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Alavi-Gorgani celebrated the services of this camp and ‎stated, “The point I want to make is not about your words but often officials make ‎exaggerations in their reports.”‎

The revered source of emulation emphasized on the necessity of telling the truth and said, ‎‎“Sometimes what is said may not be the whole of reality and for this reason, the Purified ‎Imams have also said, ‘When presenting a report, it’s possible to leave the path of truth and ‎justice.’”‎

He added, “This is even noted in the stages after one’s death because a hadith (narration) ‎says that when one’s body is buried in the grave, [the angels] Nakir and Munkar come and ‎ask the person to write down his good and bad deeds but this person only writes down his ‎good deeds and is ashamed of writing his bad deeds but when he realizes that the world ‎after death isn’t a place of hiding. He also writes down his bad deeds and these writings ‎accompany him until the Day of Resurrection.”‎

Ayatollah Alavi-Gorgani said, “We must always ask God that we won’t be ashamed on the ‎Day of Resurrection and therefore, we must do everything we can to tell the truth and raise ‎the facts.”‎

In another part of his speech, His Eminence referred to the third verse of Surah al-Ana’am ‎‎[“The Cattle”]: “He is God in the heavens and on the earth: He knows your secret and your ‎overt [matters]” and said, “This means that you shouldn’t look at yourself because God ‎knows whatever you did and has knowledge of whatever you have earned.” ‎

Referring to the necessity of doing the right thing and following the true path, especially for ‎the officials, he said, “We must act so that make sure that God accepts our deeds.”‎

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