14 September 2019 - 11:34
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Qom Friday Prayer Leader:
Ayatollah Arafi said that the government must be vigilant in regard to foreign policy and stressed, “Iran isn’t deceived by Donald Trump’s ‘green light’ to engage in negotiations and won’t surrender in the face of hostilities and pressures.”

RNA – In his Friday prayer sermon to a large and fervent crowd of believers at Qom’s ‎Qods ‎‎‎‎‎‎Prayer Hall, Ayatollah Alireza Arafi said that the message of resistance has been transmitted from Ashura to the enter world and referred to the recent remarks of Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hezbollah, about following Ayatollah Khamenei and stated, “The Leader of the Islamic Resistance said we pledge allegiance to the son of Husayn and the Wali al-Faqih [Guardian-Jurist] of our time and we will still stand with him until the end.”

The head of the Islamic Seminaries of Iran continued, “By following the Leader of the Islamic Resistance, the people of Iran say that they will remain with the Imam and Leader until the abject actions of the arrogant powers end and the enemies know that the Iranian people will not give up this path or resistance.”

In another part of his sermon, he referred to the issues of negotiation and the foreign relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying, “Foreign relations and negotiation have rules and are divided into several categories. A level of relations is with the governments of neighbouring countries and the Islamic Resistance Front, with whom the relations must be friendly and encompass all economic, cultural, political and social dimensions.”

Ayatollah Arafi stated, "The second level is regarding the large independent countries and we must strengthen our relations with them in an intelligent manner and we must build relationships with large and independent Eastern countries rather than with Western countries.”

The jurisprudent member of the Guardian Council added, “The third level is regarding small dependent countries that have been deceived by the enemies and we don’t deny engaging in negotiations at this level. The fourth level is relations with European governments which aren’t partisan. We aren’t against negotiations with Europe but we have had bitter experiences in this regard and after the violations of the United States, we saw how the Europeans acted.”

He said that after the United States left the JCPOA, the Europeans delayed and made false promises and stated, “The Europeans have been making baseless promises for months and don’t stand by their promises. The path to negotiations is open but needs intelligence. Officials and the government have taken steps to reduce commitments but it isn’t enough. We mustn’t be deceived by the West.”

Ayatollah Arafi stated, “The fifth level is the United States and its close allies. Officials and politicians must act vigilantly and look to the Supreme Leader’s statements. We have an experience like JCPOA before us and the worst sanctions were imposed after the JCPOA was violated against Iran. The sanctions, which they believed would undermine the Islamic Revolution and Iran, but, thanks to God, the world witnessed greater brilliance from Iran and the Islamic Resistance Front.”

The member of the Supreme Council of Islamic Seminaries emphasized that the world must know that the Iranian people are enduring hardships and draw inspiration from Ashura and will stand up in support of the Supreme Leader, the Islamic Revolution and its ideals.”

He added, “Continuing on this path requires listening to Iran and the Supreme Leader in order to make progress. The correct way is to follow the instructions of the Supreme Leader and to rely on the people to know the enemies’ tricks. Therefore, the next steps will be taken firmly unless the Europeans fulfill their obligations.”

Ayatollah Arafi said, “The United States knows that Iran isn’t deceived by Trump’s ‘green light’ to engage in negotiation and won’t surrender in the face of hostilities and pressures. The world knows that the presidents of the United States have taken many actions against the Islamic Revolution throughout history but failed to achieve their goals.”

In conclusion, His Eminence said, “The Americans wanted to create the Middle East in their own view and promote their own culture but they failed miserably in all their plots in the region. West Asia and the powerful Islamic Resistance Front came out of the heart of the evil plan of the West and the enemies will certainly be defeat and the Islamic ummah will prevail.”

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