07 June 2019 - 21:58
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Bahraini Scholars:‎
Rasa – A group of Bahraini scholars have announced in a statement that in this country, the ‎Al Khalifah regime promotes authoritarianism and tyranny ‎and has the lowest level of ‎rationality.‎

RNA – In a statement, Bahraini religious scholars announced that organized confrontation ‎against the freedoms of the people of this Persian Gulf country, especially their religious ‎freedoms, continues.‎
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The statement said that these attacks against the religious community in Bahrain, especially ‎the country’s Shi’ah Muslim majority, was initiated by the Al Khalifah regime as a series of ‎oppressive measures that were aimed at the core group of people in the country, meaning ‎the Shi’ahs, who don’t accept dictatorship.‎
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The Al Khalifah regime arrested some religious scholars and lecturers in line with the ‎oppressive politics that this regime has placed at the forefront of its actions.‎

The scholars noted, “Even if someone reads a Tweet that the dictator doesn’t like, they will ‎be punished!” ‎

The statement added, “Bahrain is currently facing the worst period of its history and this has ‎been fueled by the authoritarianism and tyranny by the regime, which has the lowest level of ‎rationality. Which rational policy allows for the disregard to all segments of society to hold a ‎meeting on the sale of Palestine and Islamic holy places? It was a brutal and scandalous ‎meeting that the demonstrated that the organizing officials don’t value the opinion of the ‎people.”‎

The statement emphasizes that the Al Khalifa regime doesn’t value the will of the Sunni and ‎Shi’ah people but alas, the Bahraini people are deprived of their religion, dignity and ‎sacredness.‎

Since 2011, when a popular uprising began against Al Khalifah regime, Manama has ‎‎prosecuted hundreds of anti-regime protesters in mass trials and banned main opposition ‎‎groups as a part of a heavy-handed crackdown aimed at stifling opposition voices.‎

During the past seven years, thousands of anti-regime protesters have continued ‎‎demonstrating across the Persian Gulf country on an almost daily basis, demanding that the ‎‎Al Khalifah regime relinquish power and allow a just system representing all Bahrainis, most ‎‎of whom Shi’ah Muslims, to be established.‎

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