21 May 2019 - 17:15
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Although political Tehran and Washington say they don’t want war, President Donald Trump is using his National Security Advisor John Bolton to still push for a war-like situation against Iran based on miscalculations.

RNA - Bolton has been doing that since the US invaded Iraq and has reportedly asked the Pentagon regime to plan for a military strike. Together with Faketream media in the US, Trump, Pompeo and Bolton repeat claims about the manufactured Iranian nuclear threat, relying on Israel with well known records for manipulating and faking intelligence.

To no one’s surprise, Bolton was part of the apparatus of building the false case for the disastrous 2003 US war against Iraq. He recently said, “Once upon a time, we knew how to do clandestine regime change. We need to reacquire that capability.”

Apparently, the current war scare with Iran is mainly the work of Bolton, but American faketream media, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman, as well as Mike Pompeo and the UAE are equally ramping up an alleged Iranian nuclear threat. But still the main actor here is Donald Trump, who is trying to use them as a tool for producing the suspension impact on Iran.

This is while numerous reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency acknowledge that despite Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal there is no evidence that Iran is working on nuclear weapons, at whatever pace.

Call this scare tactic or anything else, but the US plans, even at a very preliminary stage, show how dangerous the war with Iran is. Iran’s default option for 40 years has been defense and the US insistence to claim otherwise so that the administration could drum up a war with Iran is frankly mind-boggling that surely warrants more than friction.

Indeed, it is the growth of the military-industrial complex and not Iran that poses an existential threat to humanity. What needs to be done is bring it under control because in the current administration in Washington, lying and faking is routine rather than exceptional. Whether the world community is headed for a turning point toward bringing liars to justice will become clear when the current escalation and military buildup in the Persian Gulf is behind us. Otherwise, the whole world, specially energy consumers will be forced to pay a high price since the US is taking increasingly risky moves.

What needs to be done with the warmongers in Washington and Pentagon is an act of truth-telling, of exposing the realities about which the international civil society has been misled in order to avert yet another unnecessary, deadly conflict. The United Nations and the Security Council should take action to harness the US futile game. The White House is pushing the situation to the edge to make its threat of military action more credible, but the chances for Tehran's submission is abolute zero no matter what the price.

It is almost unnecessary to remind the world community that igniting a war with Iran will be a colossal catastrophe and a costly mistake, given that catastrophe and costly mistakes have been the invariable outcome of America’s past misadventures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya. Any intelligent person knows that. When the potential regional and global effects are calculated, no one would profit from worst-case scenarios - yet we can still expect no alarmist reports from corporate media.

We’ve been here before. Seventeen years ago President Bush used the infamous term “Axis of Evil,” to describe Iran, Iraq and North Korea. He claimed that Iraq wanted to attack Israel with a nuclear weapon and trigger World War III. And mainstream media sat and watched.

The international civil society must make the recent escalation and military buildup in the Persian Gulf an urgent issue. They must tell Trump and his officials and regional lackeys that under no circumstances do they have the right to jeopardize global security and stability for the sake of their sick game against Iran.

According to Fars News Agancy, the same could be said about the European Union. After tepidly standing by while Trump clamped sanctions on Iran, it has said or done almost nothing about the recent US escalation. If the Europeans are ever to be a buffer against Washington’s new adventurism, it ought to be now. Otherwise, they will be also in the receiving end in the form of higher energy prices and a fresh refugee crisis of biblical proportions.

Nevertheless, considering the danger posed and the array of American, Saudi and UAE enemies lined up against it, Iran has been remarkably calm and poised in the face of such provocations. It has not lashed out or carried out attacks against Israeli, US or Saudi targets. But it is prepared to defend itself. This follows a generally pragmatic course in its regional relations for 40 years. The world community should help Iran keep it that way.

Iran's assessments are still the same, neither does Tehran want to launch a first strike nor is the US willing to risk a battle, but this does not mean that it would sit idly to watch the US army continue their highly dangerous moves to change the calculations in Iran. American officials are adamant to understand that war is no toy to play with. They may not set the stage for a game of war against Iran and remain in control to the end. Eventually one of these false-flag operations like what happened in Baghdad last night may easily go wrong. Some time in future the US army or its allies may go very wrong in their calculations to try to push the situation even further to the edge, while in fact they cross the redline and trigger unwanted war by mistake. They should know that they can't play with fire and go away unharmed.


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