23 January 2019 - 08:23
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Senior Hezbollah Official:‎
Rasa – Hujjat al-Islam Safiuddin described the withdrawal of the United States from Syria as ‎‎“humiliating.”‎

RNA – Speaking to a group of scholars and congregational prayer leaders in the southern ‎Lebanese southern city of Tyre, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Hashim Safiuddin, the chairman of the ‎Executive Council of ‎Hezbollah, described the withdrawal of the United States from Syria as ‎‎“humiliating” and added, “Arab countries and some people in Lebanon must know well that ‎the United States is the country that has abandoned them many times in the past and now ‎and will do it again in the future.”‎

The revered Lebanese Shi’ah scholar argued, “The United States is using its allies as its last ‎leverage in order to reach an agreement with Iran over Syria and seeks to achieve the same ‎goals that it couldn’t achieve through its military power through negotiations.” ‎

Hujjat al-Islam Safiuddin described some Arab government officials as ‘fools,’ adding, “This ‎foolishness of some Arab countries prevents them from understanding the fact that the ‎United States has left them alone so many times and is currently abandoning them alone for ‎fourth and fifth times but unfortunately, they’re still in love with the United States and the ‎United States is laughing at them, just as it used to do before.”‎

He noted, “It’s not the first time that the United States is holding international meetings to ‎confront the Islamic Resistance Front. the United States spoke of regional change with all its ‎means, including the Zionist regime, in 1982 but they all failed and could not deviate the ‎Islamic Resistance Front from its original path. The Islamic Resistance Front has always been ‎victorious thanks to its martyrs and warriors,” he noted. ‎

He emphasized that in 1996, the United States mobilized all of the European and Arab ‎countries in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm al-Shaykh to “Stop the Islamic Resistance ‎movement but failed to achieve its sinister goals.”‎

Rasa News Agency


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