10 January 2019 - 08:15
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Jurisprudent Member of the Guardian Council:‎
Rasa – Ayatollah Shabzendehdar considered the way for man to reach a lofty status is to act ‎in accordance with the commands of the Book and the Sunnah and emphasized, “We must ‎be careful about the temptations of Satan on this path.”‎

RNA – Speaking during his ethics class in Qom’s Grand Mosque, Ayatollah Mohammad-Mahdi ‎Shabzendehdar, a ‎jurisprudent member of the Guardian Council, referred to the supplication ‎‎“Makarim al-Akhlaq” [The Honourable Morals], one of the famous supplications of Imam Ali ‎ibn al-Husayn al-Sajjad in Sahifah al-Sajjadiyyah [The Scripture of Imam Sajjad] and said, “In ‎the form of a supplication, Imam al-Sajjad teaches man that one’s actions must be the best ‎of actions.”‎

The member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom added, “It’s not necessary to ‎reach lofty summits in a hurry but rather for the best of intentions and actions, one must ‎work toward this. In the Holy Quran, God says that the purpose of human creation is to be ‎tested and for those who have the best of actions and deeds to be recognized. One of the ‎conditions for the best of actions is for man to have lofty and excellent motives.”‎

Emphasizing that the seminarians must be fluent in the necessary jurisprudential texts, he ‎said “One of the shortcomings of us seminarians is that we are less aware of the issues while ‎in the past, seminarians were more aware of these issues.”‎

Ayatollah Shabzendehdar continued, “Unfortunately, knowing the issues has diminished. It’s ‎expected for seminarians to know the divine rules and jurisprudence. Seminarians who wear ‎a turban must be aware of the issues that he is asked about.”‎

His Eminence said that man must be humble in the face of the greatness of God Almighty ‎and noted, “Everything that man has is from God Almighty. Man must act purely for divine ‎satisfaction so that he can achieve the best of actions.”‎

He said, “One of the necessities to achieve the best of actions is the observance of piety. ‎The way for man to achieve a lofty status is to act on the Book [the Holy Quran] and ‎Sunnah [tradition of the Prophet Muhammad and his Immaculate Family]. If man wants to ‎achieve a lofty status, he must act on these orders.”‎

Ayatollah Shabzendehdar pointed out, “We must not be careful not to fall to Satan’s ‎temptations, jealousy toward others and engage in words and titles.”‎

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