15 August 2018 - 23:58
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Chief Justice of Iran:
Rasa – Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli-Larijani said, “The Americans and their accomplices have not only launched an economic war against Iran but are trying to create despair and indifference among the people about the future.”
RNA – Speaking at a meeting with officials from the Supreme Court of Iran, Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli-Larijani, the Chief Justice of Iran, condemned the recent bombing of a bus carrying schoolchildren in northern Yemen by Saudi Arabia, describing the crimes as “horrific” and that the Saudis have whitewashed their bloodthirsty history and stated, “For several years, the people of Yemen have been severely punished by Saudi Arabia because of they seek independence. Humanity is remorseful because a country which claims to be an Islamic country is suffering from collapse and degeneracy and also doesn’t have mercy on helpless children. Of course, the situation of the hegemonic states, especially the United States, which supports the Saudis, is much more regrettable. How does a human being of the 21st century with its claims of human rights support a child-murdering government?”
Criticizing the international authorities, especially the United Nations, over their silence in the face of these crimes or their naïve expression of concern, the Iranian Shi’ah cleric said, “In the case of the Islamic Republic of Iran, every claim was an excuse for pressure, this is seen in successive sanctions but because the Saudis are puppets of the United States, not only will no actions be taken but rather they will be supported. This is the output and product of the vibrant world of the West which claims freedom, democracy, humanity and human rights. All of this shows that these claims are merely vain statements and there are other events occurring in the real world.”
He also pointed to the creation of terrorist groups such as Daesh by the United States, which has been admitted by American officials, including President Donald Trump, during their electoral campaigns and the support by the United States has also been referred to by the Zionist regime, and added, “Unfortunately, Islamic countries have been silent in the face of these crimes and not only do they not condemn it, but sometimes they come accompany them in some of these actions.”
Ayatollah Amoli-Larijani said, “We hope that the leaders of Islamic countries, including the leaders of Saudi Arabia, will come to their senses and realize that Yemen’s problems don’t have a military solution and they will have no choice but to recognize the rights of the Yemeni people. In addition, they must know that God will certainly not allow these terrible crimes to pass without punishment and there is a hard punishment awaiting them.”
He referred to the country’s economic situation and the living conditions of the people and noted the enemies’ greed toward Iran, saying, “The enemies have entered a full-fledged economic war, and in addition to this, they have provided all the facilities and equipment for an extraordinarily heavy psychological warfare against the Iranian people. The Americans and their accomplices have not only launched an economic war but are trying to create despair and indifference among the people about the future.”
Expressing regret over the unwanted or wanted association of the some people inside the country with the project of the enemies, Ayatollah Amoli-Larijani emphasized, “Anyone who deliberately undermines the morale of the people, breaks their trust, creates fervour in the country and in advancing the enemies’ project in this field has assisted in disappointing the people, has committed treason. Accordingly, we aren’t allowed to publish any words we hear immediately without investigating their accuracy and authenticity and disturb the minds of the people. There is no doubt that the enemies are trying, in addition to economic pressure, by applying psychological operations, to remove the people from their path, although it is a great mistake.”
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