29 September 2017 - 21:38
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Qom Friday Prayer Leader:
Rasa – Ayatollah Sa’idi said that all Islamic countries, especially the countries neighbouring Iraq, must stand firmly and with power against the enemies’ plots, because if the fire of this sedition flares up, it will overtake everyone.
Ayatollah ‌Saidi

RNA – In his Friday prayer sermon delivered to a large and fervent crowd of believers in Qom’s Qods Prayer Hall, Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Sa’idi referred to Wednesday’s funeral procession in honour of the iconic Iranian martyr Mohsen Hojjaji, who was beheaded by the Takfiri Daesh terror group in Syria last month, and said that this beloved country and people have come forth in worthy praise of one of the protectors of the holy shrines of the Ahlul-Bayt in the light of the Husayni epic.

The custodian of the Holy Shrine of Lady Fatimah al-Ma’sumah said, “The wise Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] considered Martyr Hojjaji as ‘a proof of God against the eyes of everyone’ and stood beside the body of this martyr and kissed him.”

He continued, “According to the statement of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, Martyr Hojjaji is a result of the Islamic Revolution and this martyr will always be a model for the dearest youth of the country, just as Martyr Mohammad-Hoseyn Fahmideh and the hundreds of other adolescent and young martyrs were and their names, memories and paths will never be forgotten. Even if they wanted to remove the names of these martyrs from the textbooks in order to please the enemies of the revolution, these martyrs will remain forever in the hearts of the heroic nation.”

Ayatollah Sa’idi said that at the same time that the blackened scroll of Daesh was rolled up, an organized and documented conspiracy in Iraqi Kurdistan is being implemented and added, “A referendum to separate the Kurdistan Region from Iraqi territory has been held with the obvious support of the corrupt and usurping Zionist region and the behind-the-scenes support of the United States and other mercenaries. This will become more prominent in the future and demonstrates their sinister role against the ummah of Islam.”

His Eminence said, “The enemies and hegemonic powers want to create another Israel in the heart of an Islamic region in order to inflict instability and insecurity on the region. Now, more than ever, care should be taken the brave and Muslim Kurds must not allow the usurping and criminal Israelis to organize such corruption and conspiracy.”

He pointed out, “All Islamic countries, especially the countries neighbouring Iraq, must stand firmly and with power against these plots, because if the fire of this sedition flares up, it will overtake everyone.”

Ayatollah Sa’idi commemorated Holy Defense Week and said, “More than any other time, we need to re-read the epic of Karbala in order organize our life according to it. In the event of Ashura, whatever Imam Husayn did was to be taken as a pattern and to be eternal. The event of Karbala isn’t a historical point but rather it’s a path and model for all human beings.”

The Friday prayer leader of Qom said that even the non-Muslim leader of India’s independence, Mahatma Gandhi, took the lessons of uprising and resistance from Imam Husayn in his fight against the British Empire and to restore the dignity and authority of the Indian people.

He added that the lesson of Ashura is that whenever people find that a Yazidi identity and front has been formed, they must immediately establish a Husayni identity and front behind their leader. 

“The everlasting uprising of Karbala shows that even with a small group, we must stand on the right path and not surrender,” he added.

Ayatollah Sa’idi said, “The martyrs, inspired by Ashura and the Supreme Leader of the Supreme Leader, resisted for the sake of God and sacrificed their lives in the cause of Islam.”

In conclusion, he said, “On the day of Ashura, Imam Husayn said ‘if you do not have a religion, be free’ in order to give the people a lesson in freedom and honour and teach everyone that they mustn’t allow their honour to be attacked by foreigners and they must teach ‘enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong.’ The Master of the Martyrs gave everyone a lesson in tolerating tragedy in the event of Karbala.”


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