08 September 2017 - 19:34
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Qom Friday Prayer Leader:
Rasa – Ayatollah Sa’idi condemned the ongoing crimes against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, saying, “Muslims in the world, regardless of the existence of some differences and political issues among them, must rise up on a single front against the cruel and murderous government of Myanmar.”
Ayatollah ‌Saidi

RNA – In his Friday prayer sermon delivered to a large and fervent crowd of believers in Qom’s Qods Prayer Hall, Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Sa’idi referred to the anniversary of the events of September 8, 1978, the forces of the oppressive Pahlavi regime brutally massacred the people of Tehran who were protesting against the Shah’s rule and said, “This day became known as ‘Black Friday’ and it’s considered one of the ‘Days of God’ and one of the lasting days of the country and the day of pride and guardianship for the Iranian people.”

Congratulating the believers on the forthcoming festival of al-Ghadir, the custodian of the Holy Shrine of Lady Fatimah al-Ma’sumah said, “The event of Ghadir Khumm occurred in the tenth year after the migration of the Prophet Muhammad to Madinah when he returned from his last Hajj and he stated that wilayah [guardianship] and imamate [leadership] is a divine and empyrean issue and the wisdom of man has failed to recognize it and the hand of man has failed to determine it.”

He said, “For this reason, even the Prophet Muhammad didn’t interfere in the determination of the divine caliph but was instructed to introduce and convey the position of the divinely-appointed caliph. In the Quran, this issue is mentioned in the verse, ‘Communicate that which has been sent down to you from your Lord’ [5:67], meaning the command of guardianship is a divine and heavenly command.”

Ayatollah Sa’idi added that the second issue that was explicitly addressed at Ghadir Khumm wasn’t only the caliphate of the Imam Ali but rather the appointment of the divine caliphs after the Prophet Muhammad until the Day of Judgement is explicitly mentioned in several places – the divine issue of wilayah is mentioned in the Holy Quran and in the words of the Prophet Muhammad in the Sermon of Ghadir Khumm. 

“Unfortunately, some people, on the basis of political illness, and others because of ignorance, have gone a different way and interpreted the issue of caliphate and imamate in such a way that anyone who attracts the people’s views through any method and attracts more votes is the caliph and the ruler of the Muslims,” he said. 

His Eminence explained that from that time on, this deviated view has created many tribulations for Muslims and said, “It’s our duty to know the teachings and goals of Ghadir so that we don’t be fall to syncretic and divisive statements.”

Ayatollah Sa’idi added, “The knowledge of Ghadir, which is found in genuine sources, such as in the book ‘Ghadir in the Book, the Sunnah, and Literature’ by Allamah Abdul-Husayn Amini and in the Sermon of Ghadir, which was delivered by the Prophet Muhammad, must be understood and conveyed to others. Imam al-Ridha said that ‘if people understood the beauty of our words, then they would adhere to our message.’ For this reason, the beauty of the Sermon of Ghadir sermon must be explained to the people.”

Qom’s Friday prayer leader said that on the day of Ghadir, the Prophet Muhammad spoke about ‘enjoining the good the forbidding the wrong’ and stated, “After speaking about this command, the Prophet said, ‘Oh people! The greatest part of enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong is to convey my sayings about the imamate and guardianship of Ali and his sons and convey my words to others who are not present now and advise the non-believers to accept my command and forbid the wrong to those who are opposed to me.”

He condemned the brutal crimes be carried out against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and said, “The Muslims oppressed by the government of Myanmar are one of the most defenceless nations of this time. For many years, these Muslims have been suffered deprivation and oppression and most Buddhists of Myanmar have been influenced by Western propaganda and incitement, especially, the usurping Israelis. By cooperating with the evil Takfiri terrorists, they’re carrying out the worst offenses against the oppressed Muslims of Myanmar.”

Ayatollah Sa’idi noted, “The Rohingya Muslims are the largest group of stateless people in the world and no country has accepted them as citizens. One of the causes of this brutal massacre is the division that has been created in the Muslim world and the infidels, especially the Zionists, are profiting the most from this. They both sell their weapons and implement their evil intentions.”

“The Muslims of the world, regardless of some differences and political issues, must rise up and act on a united front against the cruel and murderous government of Myanmar. Anyone who is neglects the Muslims and the oppressed people will be responsible to God and will be held accountable,” he added.


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