The High Position of Family in Sahifa Sajjadiya
Note/Elaboration on the Dimensions of Social Training in Sahifa Sajjadiya part (2)
Imam Sajjad (A.S) regards the family as a highly critical and vital issue and emphasizes its high position.
The characteristics of the lifestyle
The Analysis of the Concept of Islamic Lifestyle part (2)
The lifestyle is a combination of form (style) and sense (life). A behaviour is derived from beliefs, interests, it is based on an explicit and informed view or an implicit semi-informed approach towards the philosophy of life.
The lifestyle according to Imams (AS)
The Analysis of the Concept of Islamic Lifestyle (1)
The first characteristic of the pious is uttering the right words, and it refers to the manner of speaking of the pious. The second characteristic owned by the pious is what/how they wear (their dressing is moderate).
The position of economic motivations in Ashoura rising
Why didn’t Imam Hussein (AS) point to the economic corruptions of Umayyads? Part (2)
Concerning the part of the revival of Islam illuminating religion and the traditions of the Prophet of Islam (S) in Ashoura uprising, it should be reminisced that Ashoura rising of Imam Hussein (AS) was going to let the religion and tradition of the prophet of Islam (S) remain alive so that people could become acquainted with and follow this original tradition and the practical manner of the Prophet (S) and Imam Ali (AS).
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