15 August 2019 - 09:12
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Ayatollah Sa’idi:‎
The representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Qom ‎emphasized the ‎commemoration of Eid al-Ghadir and said, “Not only is the discourse of Ghadir and the ‎wilayah of Imam Ali compatible with the cohesion and unity of society but rather, it’s also ‎the protector of the unity of society.”‎

RNA – Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Sa’idi met with Commander Yaqoub Soleymani, the ‎head of the Organization for the Renewal of ‎the Event of Ghadir, and said that due to the ‎blessings of the Ahl al-Bayt, we have been honoured with the blessings of God and ‎dissension and division have been prevented and added, “This is due to the fact that the ‎truth of the religion is the wilayah (guardianship) of the Infallible Imams.”‎

The custodian of the Holy Shrine of Lady Fatimah al-Ma’sumah referred to the Hadith of ‎Golden Chain, which was narrated by Imam Ali al-Ridha, and noted, “The Imam recited this ‎hadith to the Sunnis of Neyshabur and said that its chain of narrations reaches back to God ‎Almighty. [The Imam] said, ‘The testimony of faith ‘La Ilaha Illa-Llah’ [‘there’s no god but ‎God’] is My fortress. Whoever chants it, enters My fortress and whoever enters My fortress ‎shall be safe from My punishment.’ He then paused for a moment and continued, ‘There are ‎few conditions entitling entrance to the fortress and I am one of its conditions.’ This phrase ‎was known by the people at time of the Prophet Muhammad but at the beginning of the ‎prophecy, nothing more than this was necessary but they joined wilayah to it on the day of ‎Ghadir.”‎
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Ayatollah Sa’idi stressed that when the testimony of faith and wilayah accompany each ‎other, our religion brings about the satisfaction of God and therefore, we must first warn ‎ourselves and then our families and locals and friends about this issue and said, “‎Not only is ‎the discourse of Ghadir and the wilayah of Imam Ali compatible with the ‎cohesion and unity ‎of society but rather, it’s also the protector of the unity of society.”‎
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He said that disputes and rumours about the issue of Ghadir are a result of wrong methods ‎and said, “We must learn the method of propagation from the Imams themselves. As you ‎can see, Imam al-Ridha narrated the famous hadith to the Sunnis of Neyshabur, while he ‎himself is an infallible Imam and is certainly thinking of unity.”‎
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In another part of his speech, the representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic ‎Revolution in Qom considered the renewal ‎of the Event of Ghadir to be necessary and said, ‎‎“There are always hands inside and outside who want to separate the phase ‘La Ilaha Illa-‎Llah’ ‎from the conditions and want to release the people so that the enemies can easily ‎target them.”‎

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