15 July 2019 - 14:57
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Representative of Khorasan Razavi in the Assembly of Experts‎:‎
Ayatollah Alemi said that the revolutionary diplomacy of the Supreme Leader of the ‎Islamic Revolution is reassuring ‎for the weak and oppressed people of the world and added, ‎‎“Through powerful diplomacy, the Supreme Leader ‎ frustrated the power of the enemies and ‎prevented them from achieving their goals.”‎

RNA – In an exclusive interview with Rasa News Agency, Ayatollah Hasan Alemi, the ‎representative of the people of Khorasan Razavi province in the Assembly of Experts, ‎referred to the anger of the United States over the progress of the goals of Iran’s Islamic ‎Revolution in the Middle East region, “It’s well-known that a drowning person takes refuge ‎among every thorn and driftwood that he sees and doesn’t care whether these thorns and ‎driftwood are useful for him or not.”‎
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The teacher in the Islamic Seminary added, “In regard to sanctions, the United States has ‎done everything that could have done against the Iranian people and is scraping the bottom ‎of the barrel. The recent imposition of sanctions on the Supreme Leader of the Islamic ‎Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] by the United States is a conceited and ineffective move ‎because he doesn’t own property in the United States or in any other countries which could ‎be confiscated.”‎
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He said that actions of the United States have a psychological and propagandistic aspect and ‎added, “The actions of the Americans will have no effect personalities like the Supreme ‎Leader ‎exist who stand against the enemies and who don’t give any value to the message of ‎the United States.”‎
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Ayatollah Alemi ‎continued, “During his meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan [Shinzō ‎Abe], the Supreme Leader, while respecting the Prime Minister of Japan, argued that he ‎didn’t consider the President of the United States [Donald Trump] deserving or worthy of ‎exchanging any messages with and acted in a powerful manner.”‎

His Eminence said that the foolish actions of the United States were caused by its anger in ‎response to the powerful approach by the Supreme Leader and added, “The absurd actions ‎of the United States demonstrate how angry they are with the wise Supreme Leader ‎and that ‎they are trying to create a psychological atmosphere through their actions.”‎
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Ayatollah Alemi ‎said, “The powerful diplomacy of the Supreme Leader ‎is reassuring and is a ‎source of tranquility for the weak and oppressed people of the world and we see how the ‎Supreme Leader ‎frustrated the enemies on the basis of powerful diplomacy with a ‎revolutionary approach during his meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan.”‎

One June 24th, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced new sanctions ‎‎‎against Iran targeting Ayatollah Khamenei and top commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary ‎‎‎Guards Corps (IRGC).‎

These sanctions will reportedly deny the Supreme Leader’s office and other Iranian officials ‎‎‎access to financial instruments.‎

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