21 June 2019 - 17:40
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Representative of Khuzestan in the Assembly of Experts:‎
Ayatollah Mousavi-Jazayeri‎ said that the younger generation is the main focus of the ‎Statement on the Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution and added, “This statement must ‎be put into operation in society.”‎

RNA – In a lecture explaining the Quranic and narrative principles of the Statement on the ‎Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad-Ali Mousavi-Jazayeri, ‎the head of the Islamic Seminaries of Ahvaz, emphasized the necessity for the young people ‎to have greater contact with the Islamic Seminaries and said, “During the days of the ‎‎[spring] floods, in addition to the activities of the government agencies, we witnessed the ‎establishment of a fundraiser organized by the seminaries, which was well-welcomed by the ‎people and much aid and contributions were sent to it and which were distributed among the ‎flood victims.”‎
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The representative of the people of Khuzestan province in the Assembly of Experts referred ‎to the Statement on the Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution issued by the Supreme ‎Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, and described him as a ‎compassionate, good and righteous father of the people of Iran and stated, “The statement ‎of the Supreme Leader ‎creates an obligation for all people and we, in turn, feel obligated ‎and we are working on building it in society.”‎

He said that the Statement on the Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution must be put into ‎operation and added, “Since the Iranian people have come to mental maturity in ‎understanding different events. Therefore, they are the main target audience of the ‎statement. On the other hand, the guidance of the late Imam Khomeyni will remain until they ‎reach the desired point.” ‎

Ayatollah Mousavi-Jazayeri added, “During the revolutionary struggles, God granted the ‎Iranian people victory and humiliated the enemies by observing patience, endurance and ‎obeying the orders of the Supreme Leader. This issue is a divine tradition which will be ‎obtained by endurance and perseverance.” ‎

His Eminence stated that during the era of the Imposed War [Iran-Iraq War], the warriors ‎made retreating forbidden for themselves and added, “The result of such resistance was the ‎expulsion of the enemies and victory. Today, our nation has reached scientific and practical ‎maturity. Therefore, we will achieve our goals with strong will.”‎
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In another part of his speech, he said, “The younger generation is the main focus of the ‎statement of the Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution, a generation that was named ‎during the Shah’s era as the ‘Wandering Generation’ but today, they are generation which will ‎build the future and are the engine of society. They are a generation that we hope will build ‎society and see the advent of the sun of the justice of Imam al-Mahdi.”‎
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Ayatollah Mousavi-Jazayeri explained that the building of civilization is being achieved with ‎science, technology, creativity and research and added, “The younger generation has the ‎greatest role to play in building civilization. However, research and creativity in such a ‎generation must be pursued from childhood through the efforts and attention of education ‎and training to the issue of research.”‎

In conclusion, he mentioned the personality of the Supreme Leader as the author of the ‎statement on the Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution and stated, “When the Supreme ‎Leader was living in Mashhad at was 25 years of age, he was the political axis of Islamic ‎thought among the seminarians and educated people.”‎

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