24 May 2019 - 16:41
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Ayatollah al-Hakim:‎
Rasa – The Najaf-based source of emulation ‎called on the poets, eulogists and organizers of ‎the Husayni mourning assemblies to take the Infallibles as their examples.‎

RNA – Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad-Sa’id al-Hakim, one of the four most senior ‎sources of emulation in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf‎, met with a group of poets, eulogists and ‎leaders of Husayni mourning assemblies ‎in this city on May 23rd and called on them to take ‎the Infallible Family of the Prophet Muhammad as their examples and to remember the ‎movement of the Master of the Martyrs, Imam al-Husayn, and not to mix it with other things ‎that are far from the tragedy of Karbala.‎
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His Eminence advised the those present not to distance themselves from the Husayni ‎movement or the opportunity of the mourning season in the month of Ashura in order not ‎to damage the mourning ceremonies and added, “The world became familiar with Shi’ism ‎through the Muharram mourning ceremonies and therefore, we must not lose the blessed ‎opportunity that the messengers, prophets and the infallible imams cried for.”‎
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In another part of his speech, Ayatollah al-Hakim called on all believers to participate in the ‎mourning ceremonies and poets to recite eulogies for Imam al-Husayn and said, “The ‎Prophet Muhammad cried over this calamity and Ahl al-Bayt cried for Imam al-Husayn ‎and ‎held mourning ceremonies.”‎

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