22 May 2019 - 17:07
News ID: 444993
Rasa – A group of seminarians from the Islamic Seminary of Qom ‎met with Ayatollah al-‎Hakim in Najaf.‎

RNA – A group of seminarians from the Islamic Seminary of Qom went on pilgrimage to the ‎holy shrines in Iraq and while in Najaf, they met with Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad-‎Sa’id al-Hakim, one of the four most senior sources of emulation in the holy city.‎‏ ‏

During this meeting, Ayatollah al-Hakim emphasized the importance of the efforts of the ‎religious scholars on adhering to the culture of the Ahl al-Bayt and stated that the culture of ‎the Ahl al-Bayt ‎must be propagated among the people.”‎

He recommended the seminarians to adorn themselves with the lifestyle of the Infallibles and ‎added, “The seminarians must treat the people with kindness and humility and not have ‎delusions of grandeur and be egotistical, which leads to their separation from society and ‎distances them from their duties.”‎

Ayatollah al-Hakim said, “The seminarians must explain that which has been made forbidden ‎and permissible by God Almighty to the people and act on that so that through these ‎means, they can better accomplish their duties.”‎

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