26 February 2019 - 08:30
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Representative of the Supreme Leader in ‎Mazandaran‎:‎
Rasa –‎ Ayatollah ‎Tabarsi ‎said, “The people must not be wanders in our state institutions and ‎departments because of ‎some burdensome laws.”‎

‎RNA – Speaking during a meeting with a group of officials from Mazandaran province in Sari, ‎Ayatollah ‎Nourollah Tabarsi, the representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic ‎‎Revolution in ‎Mazandaran, said that serving the people is the most important duty of the ‎authorities in the sacred system of the Islamic Republic and said, “The life of responsibility is ‎short and therefore it must be limited to serving the people.”‎

The representative in the Assembly of Experts said that by serving the people, the ‎authorities will have tremendous value in society and added, “The people must not be ‎wanders in our state institutions and departments because of some burdensome laws.”‎
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Emphasizing that today the Iranian people deserve the best, he said, “In the fifth decade of ‎the Islamic Revolution, the officials must act in a manner that doesn’t impose pressure on ‎people in regard to various issues.”‎

Ayatollah ‎Tabarsi stated that over the last forty years, the Islamic Revolution has provided ‎the people of our country with valuable services, added, “The progress we have achieved in ‎various fields today has been achieved in the light of the Islamic Revolution and the system.”‎
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The Friday prayer leader of Sari said that today the enemies are determined to make the ‎people surrender to their demands and added, “Presently, all the enemies’ focus is in the ‎economic sphere and by applying pressures and sanctions, they try to create public ‎discontent in the country.”‎

He emphasized that the enemies must know that this nation will not surrender to their ‎demands and will stand with authority against their hostilities and said, ‘The great nation of ‎Iran doesn’t allow the United States and its allies to achieve their sinister goals regarding ‎Islamic Iran.”‎

Emphasizing that protecting the Revolution today is the most important task of the Islamic ‎society, Ayatollah ‎Tabarsi ‎said, “In the country today, the authorities have a heavier duty ‎than other people.”‎

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