06 October 2018 - 10:05
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Qom Friday Prayer Leader:‎
Rasa – Ayatollah Sa’idi said, “Oh Leader! We believe you that the national economy can defeat ‎the sanctions and if the authorities intensify their efforts and accept this same belief, the ‎Iranian nation will give another firm slap to the United States with divine grace.”‎
Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Sa’idi

RNA – In his Friday prayer sermon delivered to a large and fervent crowd of believers in ‎Qom’s ‎Qods Prayer Hall, Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Sa’idi referred to the speech of the Supreme ‎Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, to a large group of Basij volunteer forces ‎and senior military officials at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium on October 4th and said, “Our followers ‎remember Karbala, the oppression of Imam al-Sajjad and Lady Zaynab and the commemoration ‎of Arba’in.”‎


The custodian of the Holy Shrine of Lady Fatimah al-Ma’sumah added, “Arba’in is a magnificent ‎commemoration which is deadly to the enemies and scandalizes them, such that the Ahlul-Bayt ‎have challenged the enemies through Arba’in. God-willing, this year’s Arba’in will be also be ‎held with splendour. We thank the people for their hospitality, the tribes and the Iraqi ‎government and the mawkibs [mourning organizations] must be prepared by protecting the ‎requirements in order to serve the people.”‎


Referring to the Supreme Leader’s constant emphasis on giving young people the opportunity ‎to solve the problems of the country and said, “The wise and prudent Supreme Leader has said ‎that the greatness, authority and invincibility of the people of Iran and the Islamic Republic of ‎Iran are three indisputable facts.”‎


Ayatollah Sa’idi said, “The Supreme Leader said that the youth must know that they are the tips ‎of the arrows are a huge national movement and they must open the path and if the elders ‎aren’t tired, they can guide the youth. The Supreme Leader also plays the designated role of ‎the youth in a number of fields, such as jihad against the tyrants, jihad against the separatists, ‎providing services to the nation in the form of the jihad of construction and jihad against the ‎terrorism of the traitors and confrontation against the enemies in the Imposed War [Iran-Iraq ‎War].” ‎


The representative of the Supreme Leader in Qom said, “Everyone must take steps with correct ‎understanding on the path of progress toward the removal of the obstacles facing the country. ‎The first step is to understand the presence of the enemies because, until the presence of the ‎enemies is understood, we can’t fight against them.” ‎


He criticized those intellectuals who deny the animosity of the United States and prescribe ‎surrendering to the United States and said, “The message of the Iranian nation and the youth ‎of this country to these intellectuals is that they will never surrender to the United States.”‎


Referring to the importance of the role of the media in the psychological and media war of the ‎enemies, Ayatollah Sa’idi said, “It’s dangerous if these tools are in the hands of the enemies ‎and act in the same manner as chemical weapons.”‎


His Eminence said that some people are trying to encourage the kind of thinking among the ‎youth that there is no solution but to seek refuge in the enemies and noted, “The enemies want ‎the Iranian nation to come to the conclusion that there is deadlock in the country and there is ‎no way out of it but through kneeling down and surrendering to the United States.”‎


He continued, “The Supreme Leader has explicitly stated that those who promote this desired ‎and beloved thought within the country are the greatest traitors of the people and the nation. ‎What will the response of these people be to the traitors?”‎


Ayatollah Sa’idi said that with the guidance of the Supreme Leader, the people and Basij forces ‎of Iran not only won’t kneel before the United States but they will also defeat the American ‎aggressors.‎


The Friday prayer leader of Qom‎ said, “The Iranian nation are the students of the school of Ashura who stood against the ‎oppressor of his time and courageously cried ‘hayhat minna al-dhillah’ [‘we will never be ‎humiliated’]. The Supreme Leader said that the enemies have no other way to confront the ‎Islamic Republic except to impose economic sanctions because all of the other paths are ‎obstructed for them.”‎


He said, “Oh Leader! We believe you that the national economy can defeat the sanctions and if ‎the authorities intensify their efforts and accept this same belief, the Iranian nation will give ‎another firm slap to the United States with divine grace.”‎


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