25 October 2017 - 09:14
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Representative of Ayatollah al-Sistani in Europe:
Rasa – Hujjat al-Islam al-Kashmiri referred to the participation of more than 25 million people in the upcoming Arba’in pilgrimage and emphasized that Arba’in symbolizes the victory of human justice.
Hujjat al-Islam al-Kashmiri

RNA – In a statement issued on the occasion of Arba’in al-Husayn, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Murtadha al-Ridhawi al-Kashmiri, the representative of Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali al-Sistani in Europe, emphasized that the pilgrimage of Arba’in is the scene of the victory of human justice and a clear example of the term “victory” as mentioned in the words of Imam al-Husayn, who said, “Be aware that anyone who comes with me will be martyred and whoever does not come will not achieve victory.”

His Eminence added that following the model of Imam al-Husayn and the recommendations of the Iraqi sources of emulation, everyone is called toward coexistence in the spirit of brotherhood and affection with each other. 

In another part of his message, Hujjat al-Islam al-Kashmiri referred to the participation of more than 25 million people in the upcoming Arba’in pilgrimage, which will take place on November 9th this year, and coverage of it through the domestic and foreign media and noted, “The Arba’in pilgrimage is being held while Iraq is wounded with terrorism, Takfirism and regional and global conspiracies which seek to separate and divide the country.”

The representative of Ayatollah al-Sistani in Europe continued, “By the blessings of the ‘Master of the Martyrs’ [Imam al-Husayn] and the tact of the great sources of emulation of Najaf, the divine will was awarded to Iraq and once again, the conditions have returned to their previous state and the Iraqi people, who are composed of Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and others, enjoy security, stability and prosperity based on equity and justice in a single country.”

Hujjat al-Islam of Kashmiri stressed that the power of the Islamic ummah is based on unity and commitment to religion and belief and stated, “Imam al-Husayn sacrificed his valuable life on the path of religious beliefs and to revive the religious commandment of ‘enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong’ and appreciated the people of insight.”

In conclusion, the religious scholar stated, “If we are seeking moral happiness, we should follow Imam al-Husayn and his pattern of behaviour, which is the same as the restoration of rights, the destruction of falsehood and the realization of human justice for all of humankind.”

Arba’in is a Shi’ah Muslim religious observance that occurs forty days after the Day of Ashura. It commemorates the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad, who was killed on the 10th day of the month of Muharram. 

Imam Husayn ibn Ali and 72 companions were killed by the tyrannical caliph Yazid I’s army in the Battle of Karbala in 61 AH (680 CE).

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